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Cognos Analytics with Watson 11.2.2. has arrived!

By Rahul Gupta posted Mon March 28, 2022 12:17 PM


I'm ecstatic to announce IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson 11.2.2! This version builds on the substantial new capabilities we introduced with Cognos Analytics with Watson 11.2.1.  

Let's take a quick look at what else is new with this release. 

AI Improvements 
Leveraging AI to derive insight is essential to what Cognos offers, and so we’ve made some improvements to the NLG and the AI assistant. Now, our NLG insights provided in visualizations deliver text summaries in a more digestible way for business users. The AI Assistant now understands temporal expressions. Users can ask questions including time entities such as “This week” or commemorative dates “Last Christmas”. 

You can read more about the 11.2.2. AI enhancements here.  

Many firms rely on live data and analytics that can be utilized on a daily basis to help drive more informed decision making. So, we enhanced dashboards to enable more control over object selection and alignment, colors, pins, and more! We understand dashboards can change frequently and the updates in 11.2.2. help you pay attention to the details including editing text properties, multi-select content alignment, and thumbnails for pinned image widgets.  

You can read more about the many dashboarding changes here.  

Data Access and Modelling Features 
Data Modelling and Data Access collectively empower firms to better connect and understand their data. For Data Modelling, in this release, users have a few updates to make their workflow process easier. Users now have the ability to sort in the MUI metadata tree – which benefits people who have lots of folders, tables, or columns and needs to sort them to work more efficiently. Furthermore, metadata properties of query items and calculations have been updated. This helps users when the data type in the underlying data source changes and you want the changes reflected in the data module (less manual updating).  

For Data Access, Cognos 11.2.2. focuses on expanded JWT vendor support. We know support Azure SQL, Synapse, AutoRest, Exasol, Google BigQuery and more. For Cognos Analytics on Cloud, a connection editor has also been added for Exasol.  

You can read more about the Data Access and Data Modelling changes here.  


Reporting Improvements 
Cognos Analytics Reporting supports many different formats. HTML, PDF, Excel, Excel with formats and XML. In this release, we have made all downloadable formats user experience consistent in all viewers. When users run reports in Excel, Excel with formats or XML, the report viewer will download the output and remain open after a download has finished. This allows users to continue running the same report in other formats without having to reopen the report. 

Usability Enhancements 
Cognos Analytics with 11.2.2 is committed to making continuous improvements. Some other enhancement updates include the following:  

    1. Conformance Update: Firefox ESR 91, Windows 11, RHEL 7.9
    2. Log4j v1 Upgrade
    3. Detect extension uploaded version and disable if not compatible 
    4. Event Studio Gaps
      • The ability to change package source for an agent
      • Run an event with parameters
    5. Data Science: Notebooks -- Log Files have a new home
      1. - For Cognos Analytics Watson Studio Integration, dedicated log folders will now be consolidated in a centralized location for easier access.  
      2. This does not impact the on-prem Jupyter notebooks feature. The major difference between Cognos versions is shown below:
      3. 11.2.1, the logs for dataplatform-service appeared in cognos/analytics/node-services/ca-dataplatform-service/logs/
      4. 11.2.2, the logs are written to cognos/analytics/logs/cognosserver.log, similarly to the other node services in Cognos (Dashboard, Mobile, etc.)

    Thank you for keeping your fingers on the scroll/arrow keys and remaining in your seat at all times during this Cognos Analytics highlights ride. There is much more exploration to be had in IBM Cognos Analytics with Watson 11.2.2, and we can’t wait for you to try it!  




    Fri April 01, 2022 02:32 PM

    Hi Patrick, 

    Thanks for the question. It will not be backward compatible. It's for versions 11.2.2+

    Thu March 31, 2022 11:23 AM


    I am wondering if this compatibleProductVersion parameter will be/is backward compatible with versions 11.1.7 and later versions?