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Cognos Analytics with Watson 11.2.2 – What’s new in AI features?

By Rodrigo de Andrade posted Thu March 24, 2022 08:34 PM


Cognos Analytics with Watson has a new release. And as always, IBM is bringing great news and enhancements to this Cognos Analytics 11.2.2 release.

And speaking of great news, this new Cognos Analytics release also brings AI capabilities improvements, which I will explain to you in detail in this post.



One of the most amazing features of Cognos Analytics is Exploration, which is a flexible workspace where you can use artificial intelligence to easily explore your data, uncover hidden relationships and identify patterns that turn your data into insights.

Cognos Exploration can also create texts in natural language with narratives that summarize and explain the information you are exploring.

The Natural Language insights provided in visualizations that are created in exploration feature were enhanced, delivering text summaries from the data analysis even more friendly and easily understandable by business users. Here is an example of texts automatically created by Cognos Analytics with Watson algorithms

CA Assistant

Cognos Analytics with Watson 11.2.2 CA also brought significant enhancements in its Assistant.

In addition to the traditional improvements in Usability and comprehensiveness of text understanding, the assistant has been improved and now understands temporal expressions. Users can ask questions including time entities such as "This Week", "After August" or even use commemorative dates like “last Christmas”

As you can see, IBM is working on continuous improvements of CA AI capabilities to enable its users to have a better, faster and smarter experience. I Can't Wait for What's Coming Next!