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Cognos Analytics with Watson Dashboards – 11.2.2 Update

By SAMI EL CHEIKH posted Mon March 28, 2022 08:56 AM


Since the inception of Cognos Dashboards, simple, elegant, and intuitive workflows have been at the heart of our offering. As Leonardo Da Vinci once said, “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”. With that mindset we have delivered several improvements over the years to continue enhancing and refining our user experience. These development initiatives have taken various forms including new visualizations to better represent your data, an AI assistant to simplify data discovery and more! 11.2.2 is no exception to this approach.

Selection and Alignment Improvements:

In 11.2.2 we have improved the ability to author across widgets in a dashboard in a variety of ways. First, we have added lasso support to allow for intuitive multiple selections in a single flow. Now simply click down on your mouse and drag over the relevant widgets.

Widgets that are selected can now be vertically or horizontally aligned with a simple layout configuration in the property panel. Additionally, we have enhanced the text widget properties to support inner margin, line height, indentation alignment and opacity adjustments.



Pins, Backgrounds and Fonts:

To improve the usability of Pins in Cognos Analytics, which are essentially bookmarked visualizations for reference and later use, we have added both pin references for image widgets and the ability to rename your pins as well. These improvements improve the usability of pins in an authoring context.

To build on the work we did in a prior release to allow each tab in a dashboard to have its own tab color, we are adding this capability to background colors of each tab in a dashboard. You can now color the background colors of each tab separately.

Finally, to make authoring and consuming visualizations more intuitive, we have enhanced the ability to style the title, axis labels, legends, and axis values. You can now axis Style Text dialog by right-clicking on the appropriate visualization element.