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Cognos Analytics with Watson Data Modules - What's new in 11.2.2?

By Zachary Taylor posted Mon March 28, 2022 12:58 PM

Data modeling is the foundation of producing useful analytical content - it's like getting your ingredients ready before cooking - good preparation makes the whole experience more enjoyable.  To that end, we are adding even more features to Cognos Analytics data modules in version 11.2.2 to enhance your data modeling experience: 

  • Sorting in the MUI metadata tree - This feature allows you to sort the records in the metadata tree by name or by label so that you can more easily find the data you want to use in data modules and dashboards.  Sort alphabetically by name or by the icons representing data types to keep similar types grouped together. This is helpful for people who have lots of folders, tables, or columns and need to sort them to work more efficiently

  • Updating the metadata properties of query items and calculations - You can now refresh query items and calculations in a data module to pick up any changes that occur in the underlying data source to data type, usage, and aggregation. This is helpful when the data type in the underlying data source/database changes and you want those updates to be applied to the data module - without having to do so manually! Read more details here

  • Relative date analysis using a dynamic _as_of_date parameter - In previous versions*** of Cognos Analytics, you could use two features (the _as_of_date global parameter and the relative time calendar filters) to build filters and compare time ranges like this month and previous month, this year to date, previous year, etc.  ​Now, however, you can use a dynamic _as_of_date to automatically adjust the time frame under consideration – for example, if your data is refreshed every night, and you always need to do analysis as of yesterday, you can set that using the new global parameter options. ​ (Users of versions 11.2.1 and 11.1.7 can also get this functionality by downloading and deploying a new relative date calendar module available in the IBM Accelerator Catalog here. ​

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  • Beta (beta mode): Alias & Shortcuts - Alias and shortcut tables are coming soon to data modules.  This will provide for a lot more flexibility in modeling.  If you want a sneak peak of these capabilities in beta mode, contact Zach Taylor at to learn how to enable it. 

***As of version 11.2.1, you can use global parameters with data modules and dashboards.