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IBM Cognos Analytics: Broader Perspectives, Better Decisions

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Wed July 20, 2016 06:23 AM

The ability to dive deep into company data provides business leaders with a distinct edge. IBM Cognos Analytics further sharpens that edge by the broader perspectives that can be achieved through the option of merging sanctioned company data with unsanctioned data.

Factoring in unsanctioned data from any number of possible sources, such as market research surveys, colleagues, a Watson Analytics report or SPSS predictive analytics, allows for the kinds of "what if" scenarios that are at the heart of analytic inquiry. It enables possibilities to be viewed from alternate angles, while optimizing the value of sanctioned company data and enhancing dimensions for decision-making.

Among the most amazing advantages of IBM Cognos Analytics is the fact that line of business leaders do not need to call upon IT to carry out these types of analyses.

The result of a highly intuitive user interface, along with the ability to merge unsanctioned data with sanctioned company data, is a new realm of inquiry and discovery for line of business leaders.

IBM Cognos BI is an excellent tool for exploring company data, and the same can be said for many of the prominent data discovery tools within the analytics market today. What sets IBM Cognos Analytics apart from other tools is the genuine ability for business users to leverage an intuitive interface that does not require the intervention or involvement of IT in order to pursue analytics initiatives that incorporate both sanctioned and unsanctioned data.

The IBM Cognos Analytics UI is specifically designed to enable someone who is not an IT professional to engage in a high level of data discovery and to either share resulting insights enterprise wide or with select team members—or to save them for personal or future reference.

Some have questioned whether there is a business risk associated with incorporating unsanctioned data into the sanctioned data that has traditionally fueled analytics. It’s important to understand that IBM Cognos Analytics is still very much a managed reporting platform. Sanctioned data remains separate and intact and line of business leaders still have the option of continuing to use the same reports based on sanctioned data. Now, there’s simply the option to do and discover more.

The added flexibility that results from departments and teams having the freedom to create their own reports and dashboards significantly enhances the potential of IBM Cognos Analytics as a data discovery and decision-making tool.

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