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Single interface, multiple layers of insight

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Thu June 02, 2016 05:58 AM

Among the greatest advantages of IBM Cognos Analytics is the streamlined user experience which enables line of business users to easily investigate and interrogate data. IBM Cognos Analytics provides line of business users with unprecedented access to business intelligence, along with the ability to author their own content and gain deeper insights into data to support better decisions.

Users can also build on top of the reports and dashboards that colleagues have created, creating a framework that supports the ability to continuously explore new ideas in whatever direction is most meaningful to them.

From a single Cognos Analytics interface, business users are able to connect to a number of different data sources, ranging from pure relational to big data, and then proceed to gain a deeper understanding of the relationships among various data sets through the use of metadata layers and models.

Trusted data that can be consistently relied upon is at the core of the fast and astute decision-making capabilities that are required to maintain a competitive edge in the constantly changing, digitally driven business climate. With IBM Cognos Analytics, line of business users are fully empowered in their ability to connect to and build out from a wide range of data sources, with complete trust that the data is valid.

This full depth and breadth of data inquiry can be accomplished without any reliance on IT or another user.

As such, IBM Cognos Analytics is serving to bridge the gap between line of business users and IT—allowing the line of business user to become much more self-sufficient from much of the data analytics projects for which they have traditionally relied on IT. At the same time, IBM Cognos Analytics is freeing IT to focus on bigger-picture IT infrastructure management issues that include permissions pertaining to various levels of access to the system, as well as the ongoing oversight into underlying data to ensure that it is valid trustworthy.

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