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What's New: IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation 22.0.1 Available Today!

By Francesca Pagano posted Fri June 24, 2022 11:11 AM

The team is glad to announce the latest version of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is now available. The 22.0.1 version includes the successful delivery of 49 new capabilities as well as releases of the following bundled products: Business Automation Workflow (BAW) 22.0.1, FileNet Content Manager (FNCM) 5.5.9, IBM Content Navigator (ICN) 3.0.12, Operational Decision Manager (ODM), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) 21.0.3.

Business Automation Platform Alignment and Install Enhancements
A number of improvements are now available with the launch of version 22.0.1: 
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation can be installed on RedHat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA).
  • The version update provides support for Microsoft SQL Server Databases, aside from IBM Automation Document Processing (ADP).
  • The upgrade from 20.0.3 to 21.0.3 is now supported.
  • Support for Power on RedHat OpenShift Container Platform (OCP), with the exception of ADP.
  • Ability to use PostgreSQL in the Starter deployment.
  • IBM Cloud Satellite, learn more at
  • Pin to a specific version to ease software updates.
  • Additional improvements include install usability, specification of storage size, use of fully qualified hostnames, globalization of WalkMe content, airgap install, and much more!

IBM Business Automation Workflow 22.0.1
The IBM Business Automation Workflow 22.0.1 launch includes process and case updates: 
  • Improved debugging, set breakpoints in process and human service flows using a new feature in WebPD.
  • Faster Process Modeling, drag and drop activities onto existing process connector lines.
  • Enhanced Efficiency and Flexibility, better management of large task lists to support complex flows, new UI view, and improved customization features.
Container updates now include support for z/Linux. For more information on BAW specific improvements, visit the IBM Business Automation Community blog.

IBM Automation Document Processing 22.0.1
Version 22.0.1 of IBM Automation Document Processing includes a large number of new release capabilities:
  • Improvement for field data extraction and table data extraction accuracy.
  • General Availability of data extraction from ID cards.
  • Usability improvements in Document Processing designer and Runtime.
  • Ability to export an existing project to a local file and import into a new project.
  • Support for both image and Microsoft Word mime types in application templates.
  • Performance tuning and compliance with accessibility requirements.
  • Dutch, German, and Brazilian Portuguese support for extraction and classification.

IBM Automation Decision Services 22.0.1
Enhancements in IBM Automation Decision Services (ADS) are as follows:
  • ADS can turn Ruleset PMML machine learning models into transparent decisions, using legible business rules.
  • Both decision models and task models can be tested interactively.
  • It is now possible to configure ADS to automatically create a Git repository when a new project is created.
  • Decision services now can be invoked through pure Java and can be packaged as "Serverless" micro services.
  • It is now possible to invoke the latest major or minor version of a decision, using the semantic versioning convention.
  • Business rules can be authored with the Brazilian Portuguese language.
  • ADS is now compliant with Accessibility requirements.
  • New and enhanced samples provided.

IBM Business Automation Application 22.0.1
The IBM Business Automation Application 22.0.1 new capabilities include:
  • Configure externally accessible apps, design publicly accessible business apps that can be accessed by any user without the need of authenticating to the system.
  • Securely exchange data between apps and hosted pages, exchange input and output data between your apps and the page where they are hosted. 
    • For example, contract id or customer id available from your portal can now be passed to the embedded apps when they start.

IBM Content Services
IBM FileNet Content Manager 5.5.9
  • Storage enhancements including:
    • Locking content at the storage level with Dell ECS S3 fixed content device storage.
    • Support for CEPH S3 Storage for clients on OpenShift.
    • Retaining content in source location to enable verification when moving between storage devices.
  • OAuth token can be used for client applications that use the Content Platform Engine Web Services Interface (WSI) API.
  • Updates to Salesforce connector supporting additional Salesforce data type and authentication via federated Salesforce users.
IBM Content Navigator 3.0.12
  • Usability enhancements including:
    • Navigating directly to folders from “folders filed in” view.
    • Increased screen real-estate and UI updates in dialog boxes.
    • Shortened URLs/bookmarks.
    • Support for browser back button.
  • Viewing client enhancements including:
    • Font selection for text annotations.
    • Save single pages locally.
    • Entering a file name when saving redacted documents.
    • Cover page allowed on first page when printing.
IBM Enterprise Records
  • Operational improvements for records disposition processing enabling reentrancy, scheduling, and better workload distribution.
IBM Content Collector
  • Site collection level deployment for SharePoint Online applications.
  • Support for Lookup, LookupMulti and MultiChoice list in SharePoint.

IBM Operational Decision Manager
IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM) includes containers based on ODM version
  • Full support for Zen, including both authentication and authorization.
  • Decision Runner can be deployed on a different cluster or namespace than Decision Center.
  • There are additional configuration parameters for Decision Center.

Robotic Process Automation 21.0.3
The two highlights for the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) version release:
  • RPA commands now include Watson NLP.
  • Support for Microsoft Edge Browser.

For more information on What's New in the v22.0.1 of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, visit our release documentation

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