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What's New: IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation 21.0.3 Available with 80+ Enhancements

By Bill Lawton posted Fri December 17, 2021 04:29 PM

It is our pleasure to announce the latest version of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is available today! The 21.0.3 version includes more than 80 enhancements and new features to provide a software that is more intuitive, intelligent, integrated, and flexible. In addition, we are providing longer term support for V21.0.3 as a Long Term Support Release (LTSR) and adding support for core business automation capabilities on zLinux.

Enhancement highlights for Cloud Pak for Business Automation 21.0.3
With each release, we continue to invest in improvements to create a more intuitive user experience, more intelligent with AI and machine learning, more integrated across components and amongst external systems, and more flexible by design. 

  • Automation Decision Services now has support for task models and ruleflows, so that business analysts can create simple-to-complex decision services.
  • Automation Document Processing has a new, easier, and faster training flow for data extraction.
  • Technology preview: You can now use business applications in IBM Business Automation Studio to build a no-code solution, called a business orchestration. A business orchestration is a flow of business activities that can call automation services or can engage a user to complete a task.  To use business orchestrations, ensure the IBM Business Automation Application starter installation is configured with Business Orchestration selected as an optional component.
  • When building a business app, we have improved data item validation and validation error handling.
  • Improved integration of automation services when building a business application. 
    • When you design business apps, you can now choose to call an automation service when your application page loads.
    • Configuring data variables for your automation services is more intuitive by automatically leveraging existing data items when mapping your services or building your page. 
  • Operational Decision Manager is now based on v8.11, with enhancements in Business Console and additional configuration settings. 

  • Automation Document Processing now can read data fields and line-item data more accurately thanks to new AI data extraction models.
  • Automation Decision Services simplifies use of decision service with ML by embedding and deploying ML models.
  • Process Mining enhancements include a no code approach where the behavior is derived directly from user interactions. Now available as Cloud-based FlexPoint option on AWS. Register for the free, 30-day Process Mining Trial here.

  • Datacap now shows the status of batches sent to Automation Document Processing.
  • FileNet Content Manager  now supports cross-repository search and desktop email integration.
  • Automation Decision Services runtime can select the latest deployed version of a decision service.
  • Automate continuous integration and continuous delivery by using new business application DevOps REST APIs.
  • Robotic Process Automation is equip with enhanced PCI readiness, integrated with Active Directory or LDAP for the management of users, groups, and roles. The Audit Trail logs are another new feature with this release creating one, unified logging experience. On-premise chatbots are available as well as the use of public and secure APIs to trigger bots. 
    • RPA now supports six new languages (Turkish, Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, and Dutch).

  • The IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation now supports Red Hat OpenShift on IBM Z and LinuxONE, and the 21.0.3 version will be the first Long Term Support Release (LTSR) with fix support for a minimum of two years.
  • The new Workflow Process Service can now be installed in Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
  • Install experience enhanced with integrated and improved documentation available in the Knowledge Center and IBM Storage support. Install the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation operator into "all namespaces".
  • Reduction of overall CPU and memory footprint as well as minimized required services footprint. 
  • The IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation 21.0.3 version will support OCP 4.6 EUS, 4.8 EUS, 4.9+. Please note the 21.0.2 version, and prior releases, will only support up to OCP 4.8

For more information on support for core business automation capabilities on zLinux, and longer term support for this V21.0.3 release as a LTSR, please read the October Announcement blog. Visit the What's New page on this version release, or explore the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation homepage to learn more and to register for your free trial

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