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Announcement: 65+ Enhancements Available in IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation 21.0.2

By Bill Lawton posted Fri June 25, 2021 02:31 PM

The latest release of IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is available today, with more than 65 new features and enhancements to help you reduce turnaround times to improve customer experiences, boost productivity using AI-powered automation, and access content where you need it most. 
With this release, you'll experience a more intuitive, intelligent, integrated and flexible product -- plus a more unified and consistent experience across the IBM Cloud Paks. On July 21st, we'll demo four of the key product updates including our newest feature, IBM Workflow Process Service. Below you will find some of the new enhancements available as of today.
More intuitive, intelligent, integrated, and flexible than ever

Intuitive: Giving you a better user experience 

Content Services
- FileNet

  • Access Content Navigator right from Microsoft Teams, giving you access to critical, enterprise content without switching applications
  • Easily send documents with desktop email applications to leverage your address books, built in signatures and more

- Business Automation Insights

  • Enhanced charting capabilities with drill downs
  • Improved source monitoring, including filtering and streamlined source definitions

- Automation Decision Services

  • Support for large set of predefined values, with import from Excel to facilitate rule authoring

Robotic Process Automation -

  • Updated with a common interface and access management for a seamless experience with other IBM Cloud Pak components
  • New or improved support for the following languages: English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Korean, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional), French, Japanese, Russian and Italian

- Business Automation Workflow

  • Work more efficiently in Workplace with improved search performance, case handling, custom dashboards, and user customizations. 

Intelligent: Making you even more productive

AI -
Watson Orchestrate (announced in preview May 2021)

  • Watson Orchestrate will provide workers across sales, human resources, operations and more access to their own interactive AI to help them perform both mundane and mission-critical tasks faster. For more information about Watson Orchestrate and to preview the new capability, please visit:

- Automation Decision Services

  • Drag-n-drop import of Machine Learning models as files (incl the PMML standard), simplifying the collaboration between business- and data science teams, and reducing the time required to build proof-of-concepts combining Machine Learning and Business Rules.

Capture -
Automation Document Processing

  • Visualize training results to focus data extraction training and measure improvements. Expand intelligent data extractions, such as signature and barcode detection

Integrated: Making the components of the Cloud Pak work better together and with other systems

Content Services -

  • Leverage our Salesforce Connector and Business Automation Insights content emitters with on-premises FileNet deployments using the GraphQL API with IBM WebSphere Application Server
  • Create more targeted federated cross-repository searches in Content Navigator by defining search criteria that are required, hidden, editable, or read-only.  Additionally, more actions are available for selected search results. 

Process Mining
- IBM Process Mining

  • Use IBM Business Automation Insights as an event source for process mining, enabling you to take advantage of valuable data generated by operational systems, identify process inefficiencies, and provide guidance on where to automate
  • Accelerate IBM Operational Decision Manager use cases that combine decision making and change detection tooling to provide a business rule management system that is easy to evolve, trace, audit, and test

- Automation Decision Services

  • New runtime storage and management service, for easier runtime setup and improved control on deployed decision services

- Business Automation Workflow

  • Common user experience between case and process with additional client side human services
  • Import traditional Business Automation projects into IBM Business Automation Studio
  • Discover a REST service from an OpenAPI V3 definition in IBM Integration Designer

Flexible: Providing you with more ways to deploy and consume the Cloud Pak


Overall - 
IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation

  • IBM Digital Business Automation on Cloud has been renamed to IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation as a Service and includes PCI DSS compliance
  • IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation is now available on Red Hat Marketplace, which offers a 90-day free developer trial to evaluate the software on a Red Hat OpenShift cluster
  • New software-defined storage for IBM Storage Suite Starter for Cloud Paks included with the Cloud Pak for Business Automation at no additional charge

- IBM Workflow Process Service (New!)

  • A powerful BPMN Process Service to support a modern micro-service approach in a single light weight container, while preserving the operational characteristics of BAW
  • Provides runtime isolation per solution for increased agility of security, pricing, tuning, and lifecycle management
  • Can federate between multiple Workflow Process Services and Business Automation Workflow deployments

Robotic Process Automation -

  • Now available on containers for hybrid cloud deployment

- FileNet

  • Support for additional LDAP directory types and Spectrum Protect Storage
  • Detailed documentation to improve deployment of FileNet containers

Join us on July 21 for a Process Ninja Special Edition webinar: Why you made a good decision to invest in the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation. You'll see the most recent and useful feature enhancements to this intelligent automation platform for improving business operations. Use the webinar to help you validate or evaluate your investments in business automation.

To learn more on this announcement and all of the new features, visit the What's New documentation page. To learn more about IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, visit