Expand your Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps v3.4 and SevOne NPM Value with our Latest Integration Webinar

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Wed July 27, 2022 11:12 AM

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According to EMA, 31% of all IT service problems are reactive. End users report critical incidents to IT before NetOps is even aware. With IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps v3.4 release, we are enabling users to predict incidents before they occur. Leveraging advanced AIOPs technology, users can collaborate with NetOps teams by leveraging IBM SevOne NPM performance data alerts through our latest Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps v3.4 integration. In this webinar, you'll learn how to utilize Watson AIOps to analyze event data from SevOne NPM for the improved context of incidents, deduplication, and temporal correlation for probable cause analysis.

Key Speakers

Jason Carrier - Principal Product Manager - SevOne Telemetry & AIOps  
Jason is responsible for SevOne's integration with Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps. He is rabidly fond of: Pragmatic Product Execution, Radical Candor, and Enterprise Design Thinking. Jason likes to talk about: networks, cloud, monitoring, and technology. He is formerly an Air Force veteran and DoD contractor, and performed various IT network/system engineering roles all over the world. In 2017, he arrived in Austin to attend the MS in Technology Commercialization program at the University of Texas. After graduating, Jason enjoyed the opportunity of serving Texas Venture Labs as a Venture Partner before transitioning into Product Management in 2019.

Jeremy Hughes - Product Manager, Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps

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