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A candid chat with the Architect of the Course, IBM Certified Administrator - Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps v3.2 - Fred Klein

By Veeramani Nambi posted Wed February 16, 2022 12:27 PM


@Fred Harald Klein is definitely not a stranger to the Community. He is by far the most active on IBM AIOps & Management Community, while also being active on LinkedIn and YouTube.  His videos on SWAT Explains series has garnered more than 15K+ views on YouTube. His latest exploit is about designing a much needed course and certification on IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps. And the chat is about what the course is all about.

VN: Always a pleasure talking to you. The last spotlight was did in 2021 was you and you are going to be first interview for 2022. And congrats on making sure that the course and the certification are out, for the interested techies. Since i had put this as a candid chat, i didn't put a formal picture of yours in the blog. Hope you are ok with it :-)

What i want to talk about is this: What are the highlights of this course? Who do you think it's intended for? And your role in the creation of the course.

FK: No comments on the pic :-) On the highlights of this course, this is not only a Powerpoint course. It's also about lab environment and getting one's hand dirty. We start the course with an introduction to Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps. What the various components are. And what the use cases are !

Each student of the course have their dedicated environment and will be using the Operators to Install the product. You learn in the call how to install and administer. Then you goto your own lab environment and practice what you learnt !

VN: Is the environment on ROKS on IBM Cloud?

FK: It is on a training environment, that is delivered by our learning partners. When one buys the course, one gets the Lab Guide and the environment. In the past, we tended to deliver only enablement. Obviously with the current times, we want people to experience the product themselves, than talking through the product. You install, you stumble, get up and walk. IBM trainers will be with you, during the course, when you face any difficulty. I personally think this is a "High-Impact" training, putting the person who takes the course in the right orbit of the real world practitioners. Though this course is delivered best as a face to face classroom session, given the context of times, it is being delivered virtually. Post training and with Certification, I am confident that the student taking the course will be rightly enabled to deal with issues of deploying and administering IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps.

VN: I really like the idea of an IBM trainer, guiding the student. 

FK: That's not all. We also recommend that to gain more field knowledge, that the student shadows IBM Cloud Pak for Watson AIOps practitioners. Let me quickly point out that enrolling in the course, does not guarantee shadowing opportunity. However given my team's expertise, we may not be averse in identifying opportunities for skill enrichment, through shadowing.

VN: I am sure with your deep experience in Operations Management, you and your team are best positioned to offer the help to students of this course. 

FK: Definitely. Always willing to help. 

VN: Nice talking to you. 

Link to the certification ->

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Thank you Veer, very kind.