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WAIOps v3.2 - Series 09 : Inferencing

By Jeya Gandhi Rajan M posted Tue December 28, 2021 02:36 AM


This article explains about how to do Inferencing of Log Anomaly Detection and Similar incidents in Watson AIOps.

The article is based on the the following

  • RedHat OpenShift 4.8 on IBM Cloud (ROKS)
  • Watson AIOps 3.2.0

1. Demo Script

This section explain about the demo script. Need to update few properties in the

The demo script is available here.

1. Update API_URL Property

Update the API_URL property with application url.


Refer : 1. Deploying iLender Application to know how the app is deployed.


Update the API_URL_CREDIT_SCORE property with creditscore service url.


Refer : 1. Deploying iLender Application to get creditscore url.

2. Run Demo (Inferencing)

This section explains about how to run the Inferencing demo in Watson AIOps.

1. Enable Data flow in Humio Integration

  1. Choose the Humio integration from the Data and Tool integrations page.

ServiceNow Integration

  1. Enable the Data flow on.

  2. Select the option Live data for Continious AI training and anomaly detection.

  3. Save it.

2. Enable Data flow in ServiceNow Integration

  1. Choose the ServiceNow integration from the Data and Tool integrations page.

ServiceNow Integration

  1. Enable the Data flow on.

  2. Select the option Live data for Continious ticket data collection.

  3. Save it.

3. Run Demo Script

The demo script is avialable here.

Run sh to start the demo.

You will see the menu options like this.


    1. Enter 1 to choose the menu option 1 - Create Loan in iLender App

The output would be like the below. This will run for 4 minutes.


This demo option will introduce out of memory error in the creditscore service based on the increasing load.

  1. As a result, the log anomaly is created and story will be created in the slack.

Next Step

By sucessful execution of the above demo step, the story would have been created and you can see them in the next section.

3. Viewing Inferencing Results

This section explains about what and where to view Inferencing results.

1. Alert Viewer

  1. Alert Viewer shows all the alerts created for this probelm.

Alert Viewer

2. Slack Story

Slack story shows the incident details to SRE.

  1. Slack story for this probelm

Slack Story

  1. Click on Show More to see the details.

Slack Story Slack Story Slack Story

  1. Click on View Alert Details to see the alert details.

Slack Story

  1. Click on View Alerts to see the alerts.

Slack Story

3. Application Management

In application management also the story is shown.

  1. Application tiles showing the alerts


  1. Click on View Details to see the details.

You can see the story and topology.


  1. Click on Hand icon to see the alerts.


  1. Click on View Story to see the story viewer.

4. Story Viewer

  1. Story Viewer shows story and its events in web.

Story Viewer

  1. Click on Topology Icon to see Grouping.

  2. Click on Seasonal Grouping Icon to see Grouping.

Story Viewer Story Viewer

  1. Click on Topology tab to see Topology.

Story Viewer

5. Resolving Incident

  1. Click on Mark As Resolved button in Slack Story

Slack Story

  1. Click on Submit button to resolve the Slack Story

Slack Story

Released by :

Jeya Gandhi Rajan M
Vijaya Bhaskar R Siddareddi
Vijay Sukthankar (Squad Leader)

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