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WAIOps v3.2 - Series 03 : Installing iLender App

By Jeya Gandhi Rajan M posted Tue December 28, 2021 02:36 AM


This article explains about how to install iLender demo app and how to generate load in the app for training.

This application can be installed on any of the Kubernetes cluster (IKS, OCP and etc)

1. Deploying iLender Application

Through Kubectl or oc CLI commands login into the target cluster where you are going to install this app.

1. Update Humio properties

Update humioUrl and humioToken properties in the file ./yaml/20-deployable-common.yaml


To know more about humio url and token refer to the url :

2. Apply the yaml

Apply the yaml in the Openshift or Kubernetes (OCP/IKS) clusters

kubectl apply -f ./yaml

3. Access the app

App is installed in the ilender-ns namespace.


3.1 User Id and Password


3.2 URLs

You can access the application using the EXTERNAL-IP from node and NodePort from svc.


Run the below command to get EXTERNAL-IP

kubectl get nodes -o wide

Output could be like this.

Jeyas-MacBook-Pro:frontuiservice jeyagandhi$ kubectl get nodes -o wide
NAME             STATUS   ROLES    AGE   VERSION       INTERNAL-IP      EXTERNAL-IP       OS-IMAGE             KERNEL-VERSION       CONTAINER-RUNTIME   Ready    <none>   26d   v1.20.7+IKS   Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS   4.15.0-144-generic   containerd://1.4.6   Ready    <none>   26d   v1.20.7+IKS   Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS   4.15.0-144-generic   containerd://1.4.6

3.2.2 Get NodePort

Run the below command to get NodePortof the svc

kubectl get svc

Output could be like this.

Jeyas-MacBook-Pro:frontuiservice jeyagandhi$ kubectl get svc
NAME                      TYPE           CLUSTER-IP       EXTERNAL-IP     PORT(S)          AGE
ilender-bigbank           ClusterIP       9090:30598/TCP   10d
ilender-creditscore       NodePort    <none>          9090:30601/TCP   10d
ilender-customerprofile   ClusterIP   9090:32751/TCP   10d
ilender-frontweb          NodePort    <none>          9090:30600/TCP   10d
ilender-greatbank         ClusterIP    <pending>       9090:31622/TCP   10d
ilender-loan              ClusterIP   9090:30301/TCP   10d
ilender-loanprocessor     ClusterIP   9090:30880/TCP   10d
ilender-openbanking       ClusterIP   9090:31331/TCP   10d
ilender-user              ClusterIP       9090:32427/TCP   10d

3.2.3 Get URLs

The URL would be of this format.

http://< EXTERNAL-IP >: < NodePort >

Here are the 2 urls that we need.

App URL  (ilender-frontweb) :
CreditScore Service URL  (ilender-creditscore) :

2. Generate Load for iLender App

Here we use docker image to create a load.

1. Open the file script file

Open the file files/

2. Update iLender URL

In the above script file, update the below property to point to iLender URL

export P_HOST=

3. Load duration

By default the load is generated for 20 minutes. You can increase it by updating this property.

export P_TIME_DURATION=20m

4. Run the load

Run the below script to start the load. It will run for the given time duration and stop automatically.

sh files/

To Stop the load in-between

To stop the load in the middle you can use the below commands.

Jeyas-MacBook-Pro:~ jeyagandhi$ docker ps
CONTAINER ID   IMAGE                               COMMAND      CREATED          STATUS          PORTS     NAMES
d396bd6c2ca8   gandigit/ilender-load-dev-2:0.0.1   "./"   23 seconds ago   Up 22 seconds             naughty_mendeleev
Jeyas-MacBook-Pro:~ jeyagandhi$ docker stop d396bd6c2ca8

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Vijaya Bhaskar R Siddareddi
Vijay Sukthankar (Squad Leader)

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