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AIOps v3.1 - Series 10 : Create and Execute RunBook in Watson AIOps

By Jeya Gandhi Rajan M posted Sun June 27, 2021 12:26 PM


This article explains about how to create and execute Run Book in Watson AIOps.

The article is based on the the following

  • RedHat OpenShift 4.6 on IBM Cloud (ROKS)
  • Watson AI-Ops 3.1.0

1. Create RunBook

The creating runbook involves the following steps.

  • Connect Backend System with SSH
  • Create New Automation
  • Create RunBook
  • Create Trigger

1.1. Connect Backend System with SSH

In the event manager click on Automation --> Runbook

Let us create a Runbook which has some automation scripts.

Click on Automation --> New Automation

Being, it is first time, we need to configure Integrations to connect from Event Manager to the target system, from where the script is going to get executed.

Click on Configure

You are in Integrations page.

Click on Configure

ssh into the target system.

Copy the file name high lighted.

In the target system, vi into the file.

Copy the Key from the UI.

Paste the key in the vi and save it.

Click on Save.

You can see the script is connected with the target system. 

1.2. Create New Automation

Goto Automation > Runbooks 

Click on Automations > New Automation 

Enter values for the High lighted fields.

Give your script in the Script text box.

This script will get executed when the runbook is started.

Click on Edit button in the target row. 

You can enter here the IP Address of the target system.

Click on Save

Click on Edit button in the user row.

You can enter the user id here to login into target system.

Click on Save

You can see the automation created here.

1.3. Create RunBook

Click on Library and New Runbook.

Enter Name and Description.

Click on Add automated step.

Select the listed Automation, which we created already.

Click on Select this automation.

It shows parameter mappings. you can choose Use Default Value

Click on Save.

Click on Publish.

Shows created Runbook.

1.4. Create Trigger

Click on Triggers > Create New Trigger.

Give Name and Description.

Give Attribute, Operator and Value.

Here Attribute and Value should match the event you get in event manager. Then only this runbook will get associated with that event.

Sample Event.

Here Attribute is Summary and the value of that is Rating Pod down

            "Summary":"Rating Pod down",

Choose the runbook.

Click on Select the Runbook.

Uncheck Manual in Execution.

Click on Save.

Runbook is created.

2. Execute RunBook

Whenever an event created in event manager, the event manager flags the event if the event attribute matches to the trigger condition of any of the runbook stored in event manager.

You can see the dot under Runbook column for the Rating Pod Down event.

Click on the event record

On the right side, you will have list of actions.

Click on Launch Runbook

It opens up the Runbook page.

Click on Start Runbook

It contains 1 step only.

Click on Run

Step executed and status is successful.

Click on Complete

Give feedback about the runbook.

Click on Runbook Worked

Click on Execution

You can see the execution history.

Released by :

Jeya Gandhi Rajan M
Vijaya Bhaskar R Siddareddi
Vijay Sukthankar (Squad Leader)

Hybrid-Cloud Squad


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