SWAT explains: Watson AIOPS, Instana, Installation

By Fred Harald Klein posted Tue September 14, 2021 10:22 AM

If you always wanted to know how to get to a real Instana system, here is how.
This video talks you through three ways of getting VERY quickly to a demo systems.
We want to explain two methods to install and use Instana in a “Proof of Concept” (POC) like setup.
A production type installation would require more planning to be as fit as possible
to your requirements and may become another video of this series.

Topics covered:
- Instana “Play With”
- The 14 days trial version
- Single Server installation
- Requirements
- Hardware
- Licensing
- Demo
- Best Practices

We hope you will enjoy watching it!
If you have any comments or want to see another topic covered, please drop us a mail.

#AI #machinelearning #Instana #observability​​​​