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SWAT Explains: Watson AIOps - Runbook Automation

By Fred Harald Klein posted Wed June 30, 2021 05:27 AM

In this video the developers of IBM Runbook Automation: Sebastian and Andreas, introduce IBM Runbook Automation as part of the Watson AIOps product set.

We will explain the concepts and show in a demo how to create a first manual Runbook. This Runbook will then be enhanced to become semi automated and fully automated.

Topics we cover:
  • What is a Runbook?
  • A day in a life of a First Responder
  • Maturity levels of Runbooks
    • Manual Runboosk
    • Semi automated Runbooks
    • Fully automated Runbooks
  • Architcture
  • Deployment modes
  • Demo all of this
This video is corresponding to the videos "SWAT explains: Watson AIOps - Event Manager" and "SWAT explains: Watson AIOps - Event Manager, Installation in less than 1 hour"

If there is anything else of Watson AIOps you want to see explained by us, please let me know by dropping me a message.