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SWAT explains: Watson AIOps - Event Manager, Noise Reduction, Part 3

By Fred Harald Klein posted Tue June 29, 2021 09:03 AM

Here is now the final part 3 of the Noise Reduction series using Watson AIOps - Event Manager. In part 1 & 2 we have explained how to achieve noise reduction using built-in capabilities.
Part 3 uses AI capabilities to achieve further reductions. If you want to know how to use this and what it is good for, have a look.

This video talks you through the what is and how to use Cloud Native Event Analytics.

Today we want to talk about:
Cloud Native Event Analytics (CNEA) and event grouping

- Scope-based event grouping
- Temporal event grouping and patterns
- Topology-based event grouping
- Super-grouping and probable-cause analysis
- Seasonality analysis
- Correlation vs causation

The setup for the demo is using an IBM Cloud based installation of Event Manager
and locally, on a Linux Laptop installed, probes and config UIs. So a true hybrid setup.

We hope you will enjoy watching it!
If you have any comments or want to see another topic covered, please drop us a mail.

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