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Watson AIOps - Event Manager, Noise Reduction, Part 1

By Fred Harald Klein posted Fri April 23, 2021 03:00 AM


we have just released a new video on "SWAT explains: Watson AIOps"

In this video Zane and I want to discuss the "Watson AIOps - Event Manager" noise reduction capabilities.
We will position Event Manager within the IBM Watson AIOps portfolio and then deep dive into the
bits and pieces. This is part 1 of a Noise reduction series. We want to continue in different parts
with the Enrichment and Correlation engine Netcool Impact and round it up with the new AI based
pattern matching capabilities of the Cloud Based Event Analytics (CNEA) of Event Manager.

Parts that are covered:
- What is an ObjectServer?
- Which DBs and tables does it contain?
- Automation's and Triggers
- De Duplication
- Expire
- Generic Clear
- Delete Clears
- The Simnet Probe
- Rules Files best practices and
- Demo's to all these topics

The setup for the demo's is using an IBM Cloud based installation of Event Manager
and locally, on a Linux Laptop installed probes and config UIs. So a true hybrid setup.

We hope you will enjoy watching it!
If you have any comments or want to see another topic covered, please drop us a mail.