SWAT explains: Watson AIOps - Event Manager

By Fred Harald Klein posted Wed April 07, 2021 03:55 AM


Hi community,

this is an Introduction and overview video. There are also Installation and How To video's.
In the introduction video's we want to set the scene. What is this piece addressing? Wat kind of benefits do I get? How does it fit into the portfolio?
The installation videos show how to get to a running environment, typically a demo setup for a lab environment rather then a production setup.
The How To video's are meant to explain a specific detail e.g. an integration.

In this video Zane and I go through the core concepts of Event Manager (aka Netcool Operations Insight). We start with an overall positioning within the Watson AIOps solution portfolio and then introduce and explain the details. What is noise reduction? How do Probes work? High Availability, Gateways, ObjectServers, Impact, Dashboarding etc. All this is then enhanced with demos.

Don't forget to bring your favorite drink and a snack with you. We tried to be brief, but it is a longer story to tell which is recorded in 1h 52mins
I hope you enjoy watching it.

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