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Introducing IBM Tech TV!

IBM Tech TV is a new, always-on platform for the latest technical talks, live demos, and updates straight from IBM experts. Catch shows focused on honing the skills relevant to the success of both your business and yourself, featuring Distinguished Engineers, developers, and executives. ...

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Eighth grader builds IBM Watson-powered AI chatbot for students making college plans

" A bored 13-year-old from New Jersey used COVID-19 isolation to take an online IBM class, and within two weeks created and launched Rita, a fully functional chatbot." #Highlights-home ​​ #Highlights

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IBM Cloud: How to Use Watson Assistant with Webhooks

"In this demo learn how to add a webhook to your Watson Assistant chatbot!"​ Presented by IBM Data and AI CSM/Software Engineer Morgan Langlais. #Highlights-home #Highlights

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Testing a Chatbot with k-folds Cross Validation

" K-folds cross validation helps you find confusion in your training data and intents. It does NOT predict runtime performance on utterances it has not previously seen, however it can help determine if your initial intent structure is clear or confusing, as well as identify places where...

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Fast Ramp-Up on IBM Voice Agent with Watson

" We’ve all had those frustrating situations in trying to get an answer on the phone. Whether it’s long hold times, complicated number trees, or the inability to reach the people you need this is not what people want to be doing." #Highlights-home #Highlights

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IBM Watson Assistant: How Do I Determine Unique Users?

If you are familiar with the Watson Assistant Plus plan, then you have likely come across the same question as others: How do I determine what constitutes a “unique” user? #featured-area-3 #featured-area-3-home ​​ #featured-area-3 #featured-area-3-home #Featured-area-3 #Featured...

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IBM Watson Fueled Chatbots — For Our Health

Hands-on article by Dan Toczala which goes through setting up your IBM Cloud environment for the deployment of a simple Covid-19 Chatbot. #Featured-area-1 #Featured-area-1-home #Highlights-home #Highlights