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Answer Finding API beta in Watson Discovery v2

This post is a brief overview of the answer finding API beta in Watson Discovery v2. The answer finding API extends the passage retrieval API and allows you to find concise answer spans within a passage. It uses deep-learning-based Reading Comprehension technology as announced in our recent...

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FAQ Extraction via Watson Assistant Search Skill

One of the common use cases for a Watson Assistant virtual agent (chatbot) is to provide responses to Frequently Asked Questions. Currently, FAQs can be implemented in a variety of ways including: Watson Assistant Intents for each common FAQ A web crawl or document upload through Watson...

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Wave Hello to Watson Assistant Voice Interaction, and Goodbye to Complex Phone Trees

Nice article by Preeth on using the Watson Assistant for Voice Interaction (WAVI) integration to eliminate phone trees and annoying IVR systems. #Featured-area-2 #Featured-area-2-home

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I Just Deleted my Watson Service - Panic!!!!

Have you ever had one of those days where you did something that you immediately regretted? As soon as you hit the return key, you immediately realize that you justmadeaHUGE mistake? Like maybe deleting an instance of something running in production? I'm notproud of it - but I have had a...

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Watson Covid-19 Chatbot Training Path

Watson Covid-19 Chatbot Training Path - this learning path is for customers who have deployed a Covid-19 chatbot with IBM, but the learning path and the materials are a good source for ANYONE to come up to speed with Watson Assistant. #Covid-19 #chatbot #Featured-area-2-home #feeatured...

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Developers, Choose Wisely: a Guide for Responsible Use of Machine Learning APIs

"... I decided to use the example of “Fair & Lovely” to scrutinize off-the-shelf machine learning-based emotion analysis APIs. How do these practices — which are now the norm among major brands — perform in a specific case such as this? In particular, I wondered whether the positive...

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Building a multi-region IBM Watson Assistant application

Great short article by Robin Bobbitt , which describes the "circuit breaker" pattern for deploying a Watson Assisistant based digital assistant. Also has some example code (in Node.js) that you can see in GitHub which implements a simple example of this pattern. #watson-assistant ...

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Customer service and AI Masterclass

This is a series of videos that help you understand the value of bringing an AI solution to bear in addressing your customer service challenges. Not very technical, this is a high level look at why and how you apply AI against customer service challenges. #ai #customer-service #Featured...

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Extending Your Watson Chatbot

Blog post describing how to enable the Watson Assistant/Watson Discovery integration, allowing you to extend the capabilities of your virtual assistant to address those “long tail” questions. #Featured-area-2 #Featured-area-2-home

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Designing chatbots for failure

So you have deployed a chatbot, but it seems to fail so often because users are saying unexpected things which your chatbot fails to handle. Rings true?! #Featured-area-2 #Featured-area-2-home