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Happy 20th Anniversary IBM DevOps Rational Test! Announcing Test 10.5.2!

By Lettie Ar-Rahmaan posted Tue March 21, 2023 01:43 PM


Today, we celebrate the Release of Rational Test 10.5.2 and continue to celebrate our stronger partnership with HCL.  During our 20th Anniversary of IBM DevOps Rational Test, we look forward to providing new capabilities and customer enhancements throughout the year. 

In this release we are highlighting two exciting capabilities: 

  • Integration with IBM Instana Observability from the Application Performance Management section of an RPT schedule.

  • Rational Test Automation Server connectivity for Service Virtualization agents.  The Rational Integration Tester Agent (RIT Agent) is connected to RTAS with the ability to manage virtual services.

Also, there are additional capabilities and Requests for Enhancement (RFE) highlighted below.  As a reminder, if you have an enhancement request, please submit an RFE on IBM Unified Ideas Portal (  Let’s look at few capabilities of Rational Test 10.5.2.

IBM DevOps Rational Test Release 10.5.2

Rational Integration Tester / Rational Test Virtualization Server

  • Import recorded events from HAR files.  Some web clients, browsers or monitoring solutions can export their traffic to HAR files (Http Archive). Rational Integration Tester now has the capability to import this data and use it to create tests and stubs.

  • Apply server default to start stubs on a specific RIT Agent.  Gives the User the ability to control stub executions at domain level to run only with specific agents.

Rational Functional Tester 

  • Ability to add Drag & Drop actions in Web UI Test.  You can now edit the test steps to add the drag-and-drop action for UI elements in the Web UI tests.
  • Support to check if Javascript dialogs exist on a web page.  A user can add test steps to check if any dialog such as alert, confirm, or prompt is present on a web page, and then choose to report the test step as Pass.

Rational Performance Tester

  • Create a new error condition for dropped connections.  Users can identify the difference between a Dropped Connection and a Server Timeout.

Rational Test Automation Server

  • Selenium integration.  Users can manage and run existing Selenium tests on RTAS. 

IBM DevOps Rational Test Celebration Moment

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