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  • Hi, 7.5 is no longer supported. Is there any specific reason to use this old version? About the target details. There is no existing TDP available for the same emulator Compiler and debugger is not an issue, several TDP use the same compiler. For arm-none-eabi ...

  • Hi Reddy, error #1212 is solved when using latest instrumentor (attolcc4) , I suppose you are also using c99 option. An upgrade to latest version is recommended. attolcc4 embed the latest analyser which work fine recent compiler version, recent standards ...

  • Hi Reddy, Yes, C99 is supported but with the latest version of Test RealTime and using the latest instrumentor. You are using attolccp which is an old version of instrumentor, latest is attolcc4. To use attolcc4, you should modify the TDP adding USE_ATTOLCC4 ...

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  • In the software industry, manual testing is heavily utilized. As of today, manual testing will not be eliminated completely. Teams utilize manual testing for complex test scenarios, the initial setup for automation scripts when the application isn’t ...

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  • Transition: Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge Text Entry & Button Clicks Your new browser is not the same as your old browser. This is especially true for modal alert dialog boxes. Within the IBM Rational Functional Tester (RFT) community, ...

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