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IBM DevOps Automation Rational Test 10.5.1 is here!

By Lettie Ar-Rahmaan posted Tue December 13, 2022 12:00 PM

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On December 12, 2022, we released IBM DevOps Rational Test 10.5.1.   This is our last release of the year.  We wish you and your family a safe holiday season.  Earlier this year we announced Rational Test Automation Server (RTAS) running on Azure Kubernetes.  At the end of this year, we are excited to announce Transparent Remoting for Rational Integration TesterWhat is transparent remoting?  Transparent Remoting enables developers and testers to directly interact with a specific microservice hosted on Kubernetes without involving a gateway or complex ingress and egress rules. 


Also, there are additional capabilities and Requests for Enhancement (RFE) highlighted below.  As a reminder, if there’s an enhancement, please submit an RFE on IBM Unified Ideas Portal (  Let’s take a look at few capabilities of Rational Test 10.5.1.

Rational Test Release 10.5.1

Rational Integration Tester / Rational Test Virtualization Server

  • Testing of internal Kubernetes services (Transparent Remoting)
    Transparent Remoting

Rational Functional Tester

  • Enhancement in the unified report to view the details of verification point
Unified Reporting

  • Configuration of a global delay for test steps
Global Delay1
Global Delay 2

Rational Performance Tester

  • On the Details Tab of a schedule, removed the option to discard time measurements for unhealthy transactions

  • View the Page Details and Page Element Details report to view the summarized statistics of every page and the summarized statistics of page elements.
View Page Details
View Page Element Details

Rational Test Automation Server

  • Support to export test results to a Jira Xray projectXRay

  • Configuring Azure DevOps as a change management system and Support for HCL Compass as a change management system
Change Management

Rational Test Celebration Moment

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Our Client Advocacy Program is Based on:

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