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Using Websphere Liberty Operator (WLO) with IBM Cloud Satellite

By Shelton Skinner posted Wed February 22, 2023 01:13 PM


The WebSphere Liberty Operator allows you to easily deploy and manage containerized Liberty applications on Red Hat OpenShift clusters created in various clouds, including those created on infrastructure managed by IBM Cloud Satellite.

Use the following helpful information and links when installing the WebSphere Liberty operator on OpenShift clusters that are created on infrastructure managed using IBM Cloud Satellite.

Getting started on IBM Cloud Satellite

The following link gives an overview of what and how to use IBM Cloud Satellite. There

is also information on how to deploy an IBM Cloud satellite.


For information on getting started with IBM Cloud Satellite, see the following link:


IBM Cloud allows you to create a satellite on the supported infrastructure of choice

WebSphere Liberty operator supports IBM Cloud satellites installed on-premises, on AWS, and on Azure.

Items to consider when configuring Cloud Satellite

There are several items to consider when configuring IBM Cloud Satellite. The first setup item to consider is the minimum requirements for hosts.

In each of these cases, make sure your infrastructure meets the minimum requirements for hosts.

Additionally, you will need to account for the storage that might be needed for Day 2 operations, and you must also account for the resource needs of the applications to be run. Ensure that in creating a new IBM Cloud Satellite OpenShift cluster or preparing to install on an existing one, you review the system requirements for WebSphere Liberty operator to ensure the cluster will meet your needs.


When setting up IBM Cloud Satellite on-premises, see the following blog:


When setting up IBM Cloud Satellite on AWS, refer to this blog and page:




During testing on AWS, we found that the correct permissions were needed to be able to deploy the satellite on AWS.


Installing WebSphere Liberty operator on a public cloud

This link will help in installing the WebSphere Liberty operator (WLO). Once the operator is installed, you can install your applications for use.


There is a sample application that you can deploy: