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VNext HIPAA Proposed to NCVHS - Details here!

  • 1.  VNext HIPAA Proposed to NCVHS - Details here!

    IBM Champion
    Posted Mon June 13, 2022 05:20 PM

    Next proposed version of US HIPAA Data Standards is proposed.

    Link to X12 Letter sent to NCVHS:


    Here's the high level summary of announcement: X12 Recommendations to NCVHS | X12

    X12 has submitted the first in a series of recommendations related to advancing the version of already adopted and mandated transactions and proposing additional transactions for adoption.

    X12 is using a phased approach for the recommendations rather than presenting the entire catalog at once.

    The timing and order of the recommendations will be based on several factors including the approval of necessary maintenance, the criticality of the functionality enhancements, and the completion of the supporting information.

    The information presented on the X12 webpage will be updated regularly as more information is available.

    X12 will also post updates on our social media accounts. at @x12standards on Twitter or #X12 on LinkedIn.


    Stephanie Fetzer
    Product Manager
    IBM Sterling Transformation Extender
    HCL Software