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ITX Conquors Industry and Technology Standards - the game

  • 1.  ITX Conquors Industry and Technology Standards - the game

    IBM Champion
    Posted Sun May 01, 2022 04:41 PM

    I sometimes blow off steam by playing video games. I'm not a hard core gamer (no D&D or Minecraft) more of a pong to Space Invaders to Spider to Angry Birds to Fishdom kind of gal. But I was thinking, how hard could it be to make a game where IBM Sterling Transformation Extender conquers various industry and technology standards?


    It turns out = not too hard at all. I started with an old style campy retro space invaders template and created graphics for my sprites and other assets and in a short time (with very little pseudo code) have an ITX game. Try it out:




    On a browser follow the link above. The ITX> sprite is the player. Use the arrow keys to move and turn it and the space bar to explode those tricky data standards.

    Take THAT HIPAA, pyew pyew... Take THAT EDI, blast you JSON, SEPA, ISO20022, you are all under my control!!


    Warning, I'm not good at playing shooting games so I set up the collision masks of some of the sprites to be skimpy (you might have to hit them several times to explode them!)

    This was my first attempt at a game ever. I used GDevelop and started with the Space Invader example template. I just wanted to try one – and have something other than a video or power point to put on social media to show the power of IBM Sterling Transformation Extender over industry and technology standards. Have fun!


    Steph Fetzer
    Product Manager
    IBM Sterling Transformation Extender
    HCL Software