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B2BI Installation & Configuration on AWS EKS

  • 1.  B2BI Installation & Configuration on AWS EKS

    Posted Mon August 30, 2021 10:49 AM
    Goal: Install B2B Integrator Container on Amazon EKS with Oracle running on RDS.

    Step1: AWS EKS Infrastructure Setup
    Setup AWS EKS Configured with a Couple of Worker Nodes.(4)
    Setup Bastion Host to connect to the Kubernetes Cluster 
    Setup Helm 3.0 on the Bastion Host
    Setup RDS Oracle with the B2B Integrator Schema with the Correct Roles and Policies

    Step2: Got the SFG.tar which has the 
    5 Layers Directories

    Step3: Now what are the steps to be executed.
    The Documentation is not at all clear on what should be done and have already read every document out there on the Web related to this.

    Any one who has already done this or can help us as a free lance mode.

    Please do get back to me ASAP - plokam@miraclesoft.com

    Prasad Lokam

  • 2.  RE: B2BI Installation & Configuration on AWS EKS

    Posted Mon August 30, 2021 10:59 AM
    Once you have the EKS setup ready, you can do below
    1. Configure your IBM Could Container registry details
    2. You add respective Helm repositories to your helm install.
    3. Use helm commands to provision the B2Bi/AC/API nodes as needed

    I see that you mentioned that you have a CC image with you, then you can load this image to EKS image repo and then either use Helm or with your own configs to provide nodes.

    Rajasekhar Muthamsetty