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  • 1.  TS7770 management cabling (3957-VED)

    Posted Tue October 03, 2023 11:29 AM


    I'm not an experienced TS7770 VTS user, but would like to create a cabling plan for a recently ordered TS7770. However either the IBM documentation miss important basic details, or I'm blind to not found which Ethernet ports used for device management.

    As I know the following 1Gbps RJ45 copper ports need to be patched to our Eth switches:

    • MC1 port
    • MC2 port
    • TSSC port
    • AOTM port

    And based on the IBM TS7700 Release 5.2.2 Guide Redbook page 269 these located in slot C7 and C12 on the 3957-VED unit:

    However these are four port adapters, and I do not found information which of these eight ports are the MC1, MC2, TSSC or AOTM ports?

    Would somebody help me out where can I found this information?

    Thanks in advance!


    Tamas Domjan

  • 2.  RE: TS7770 management cabling (3957-VED)

    Posted Mon November 06, 2023 09:51 AM

    Would any of these page help?
    TS7770 specifications and requirements - IBM Documentation

    Mark Mather

  • 3.  RE: TS7770 management cabling (3957-VED)

    Posted Mon November 06, 2023 11:29 AM
    Hi Mark:

    Many thanks for your prompt reply by email.

    Frankly, I'm not sure if that information is useful to me......due to my lack of knowledge on this technology.

    At my level of ignorance, I'd like to ask the question," where can I find, in North America (or possibly elsewhere) a functional tape drive to read the data from a very old, but well preserved (much like me!)  1/2" width computer tape on a 10-12" inch diameter reel.  It's old but well treated (also like me) and was originally used to hold population data on American eel.  

    The SCOTCH brand (3M)  reel is identified as a "777 model computer tape" and has a 10-1/2" diameter., certified at a density of "800 BPI, Full Width"  

    The label on the outside of the reel reads: "PISCES 01-Y9T1"(that's a project name)   The actual recording appears to have the following label: "MFD: EELEX PISCES1 (I/O)"  And the label reads:  " 1600 BPI./F:01/14 April 81"  - which is probably the date when it was recorded.

    Soooooo....  The issue is how to retrieve the data which is in the form of a table format.

    I think that reel is suitable for travel however, I will ship it in a metal cannister (hopefully) to protect the data!

    Can you help please?

    I live in Newfoundland,  Canada.   The data was originally recorded at the Graduate School of Oceanography, University of Rhode Island, Narragansett, RI, USA.  

    Kind regards

    Clarence E. Button
    P.O. Box 23133
    St. John's, Newfoundland (NL)
    CELL/TXT: 709 725-2888

  • 4.  RE: TS7770 management cabling (3957-VED)

    Posted Tue November 07, 2023 09:23 AM

    Sorry Clarence,
    I am located in Europe, so do not have any contacts in the US on that front.
    However a customer of ours once had a similar issue. They actually approached various local computer museum and found one which helped them. 
    Have you inquired with any of the northern american data recovery services?
    You could try posting the question on "Newest Questions - Server Fault" or here "Looking for help converting old reel-to-reel tapes (taperssection.com)"

    Hope you find a way and post it here for future reference.


    Mark Mather

  • 5.  RE: TS7770 management cabling (3957-VED)

    Posted Mon November 06, 2023 11:30 AM

  • 6.  RE: TS7770 management cabling (3957-VED)

    Posted Tue November 07, 2023 09:05 AM
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  • 7.  RE: TS7770 management cabling (3957-VED)

    Posted Tue November 07, 2023 07:36 AM

    Hello Mark,
    Unfortunately not. The first link not disclosure any information, and third one is about Grid connections. The second link mention only the TS7770 Server (3957-VED) System Unit's C7 and C12 sloted Quad port Ethernet adapters provides the MC1, MC2, TSSC or AOTM connectivity. However not specify which of those eight ports, for those four functions. However the rear view photo give a hing that only top two ports are in use, but still uncertain about the MC1, MC2, TSSC or AOTM function assignments. 

    Tamas Domjan