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Win $10,000 in the IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge

Thank you for accepting the IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge! Join the Community to ask questions and learn about RPA The Details The IBM Build-A-Bot Challenge is open from June 15 to July 15, 2021 at Midnight ET. There are two prizes of ...

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BAW Toolkit for IBM RPA

Hello my fellow business automation developers! As our offering management – both for BAW (Business Automation Workflow) and RPA – are working on enhancements in out-of-the-box integrations between these capabilities, we were thinking that our tech sales organization could provide a...

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Last Call to Take IBM Automation Think Hands On Labs

Heads up! The self-service Hands On Labs built for Think 2021 will be available until 4 PM CST May 27 in a self-guided, self-paced environment. That’s just a few more days to immerse yourself in some of the newer elements of the IBM Cloud Pak for Business Automation, IBM Cloud Pak for...

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Securing the RPA API

The RPA API is a powerful way to invoke bots programmatically. For details see the docs here: starting-bots-by-api-call However, this API is not authenticated and not secure against malicious use. In this blog, I provide two ways to secure it Method 1 - Use an API-Key This is the...

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George Warner Reacts to IBM’s New Process Mining Tool on "Automation Reaction" May 26

George Warner ran the Content and Process practices for New York State for more than two decades. He often appeared in IBM Content and Automation live events, advocating for a strategic approach to the design and deployment of new applications. Attendees raved about his methods for determining...

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Automation Ninja Series Focuses on IBM RPA on May 5 (and you’ll get a killer Margarita recipe!)

There’s a new Process Ninja episode on May 5, focused on IBM’s Robotic Process Automation acquisition. “Become a Task Automation Ninja and Eliminate Your Repetitive Work Activities With IBM RPA” goes live at 11 AM ET. The host and chief Ninja is Bob Spory, IBM DBA’s North American Technical...

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Poor Multi-Lingual Support Still Limits the Spread of Chatbots

A few years back, experts predicted that chatbots would become a widespread all-purpose customer service tool in every industry. They have since become widespread. But all-purpose? Not so much. As it turned out, the AI and NLP technology that powered early chatbots weren't as mature as...

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How to use the IBM License Metric Tool (ILMT) Chat-bot to get Expected Answer

Recently most of our products have introduced chat-bot functionality to enable customer quick access to product’s knowledge which keeps enablement and support documents. The document base is huge, so we leverage Watson technology to help customers find interesting materials in quick manner in a...

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Overview of RPA and Blue Prism Integration

By integrating IBM Business Automation Workflow and RPA, enterprises can address their business requirements by leveraging people, systems, content and bots in end-to-end workflows. IBM Business Automation Workflow (BAW) traditionally relies on APIs to integrate services and systems. However,...