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Ansible for z/OS with Bryant Panyarachun

Big thanks to Bryant Panyarachun from San Jose, CA for joining us and giving a deep dive on his work with Ansible so far. This recording is an informative one, so grab your coffee and settle in. If you'd like more information on this topic, let @Theresa Hans know and we'll set up follow up...

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IBM Champions in Action: Phil Allison

Although we’ve had to find different ways to connect with people lately, I’m so glad to be a part of the IBM Champion community. This group is flexible, loves to share, and we are still able to collaborate on ideas and projects albeit virtually. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know one of...

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Modernization of Java EE Applications using OpenShift - Part 2

Introduction This Post, I would like to deploy another patient UI Node.js application in OpenShift split from a monolithic Java EE application and integrate it with the business logic Java EE application that we created last time around .​ ( Part 1 ) Modernization of the Patient UI ...

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Modernization of Java EE Applications using OpenShift - Part 1

This article is an English translation of my article posted on Japan’s most famous IT news site ITmedia on Nov 11, 2019, translated with the permission of ITmedia. Introduction I contributed an article named “Modernization of...

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Enterprise ready cloud software: IBM announces hybrid multicloud platform on Red Hat Open Shift

IBM is releasing a next generation hybrid multicloud platform that lets you build once, and deploy anywhere, to best address your unique application, data and workload requirements. The platform combines Red Hat’s market leading, open standards-based container and kubernetestechnology (RH...

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Red Hat: Online learning resources to get you started on your journey

Here is a list of some free online learning resources that will help you understand what Red Hat offers. Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview - 2 hrs - Red Hat OpenStack Technical Overview (CL010) is a series of on-demand, online videos to help you better understand the basics of...

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Chat with the IBM Lab (On-demand webinar): Quick and easy deployment of MDM container on Redhat Openshift

Join the webinar to hear about one of our most popular Chat with the Lab topics: quick and simple deployment of IBM® MDM container in Red Hat® OpenShift®environments . Red Hat® OpenShift® is a comprehensive enterprise-grade application platform, built for containers with Kubernetes. This...

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