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Two-way SSL Database Configurations with IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence Virtual Appliance (IGI-VA)

About one-way SSL and two-way SSL authentication Configuring communication between an SSL server and client can use one-way or two-way SSL authentication. The SSL client is the computer where the IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence Server (IGI) is installed, and the SSL server is...

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Uncover Access Risks Across your Security Environment with Identity Analytics

Co-authored by Priti Patil . The Identity Governance space has evolved to be much more risk aware. This is due to many factors including a major influx of identities within organizations, identities going beyond just employees to include partners, vendors, customers, IoT devices, and RPA Bots...

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IBM On-prem IAM (IBM IGI) Integration with IBM Guardium: Configuration and Benefits

PPTX describing IBM on-prem IAM ( IBM IGI ) integration with IBM Guardium for risks discovery and governance is here: This deck explains how to configure Guardium monitoring ( a lot of undocumented steps ), IBM IGI Gurdium adapter. It also...

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IBM IGI - IBM Security Secret Server: Integration and Benefits

This slide deck describes details of how to integrate IBM on-prem IAM Solution ( IBM IGI ) and IBM OEM Privileged ID Management Solution ( Thycotic or IBM Secret Server ), it also explains the benefits from adding IAM Solution for IBM Secret Server - protected eco system. This demo integration...

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Deploying IGI? Help ensure success by attending the Identity Governance and Intelligence track at Master Skills University

At Master Skills University Munich (Sept 9-13, 2019), we are running a dedicated IBM Security Identity Governance and Intelligence (IGI) track . The track is intended for customers who are deploying IGI or in the planning stages of an IGI deployment and want to ensure the deployment is a...

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Why I'm So Excited to Attend Master Skills University in Munich in September

Master Skills University is coming to Munich, Germany for a week of deep dive education and collaboration opportunities, and I couldn't be more excited to meet hundreds of our IBM Security product users. Read my recent blog , and watch this short video to learn why Master Skills in such a...

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