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Now including Containers! New FlashSystem demo now available

Part of the magic of the IBM FlashSystem's performance, versatility and scalability resides with IBM Spectrum Virtualize software, available across the entire FlashSystem line. View this new demo to see a detailed demonstration including the dashboard, monitoring, pool and volume management...

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Detecting Golden SAML Attack in QRadar

Co-Authors: Wendy Willner, and Milan Patel. In the lights of the recent SUNBURST cyber-attack, adversaries are abusing the Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) protocol in a nasty way, where they can create like an authenticated ticket (SAML response) for any user and any role, without...

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Best of 2020: New DBA Product Releases

Say what you will about 2020, but a serious amount of software development work got accomplished by IBM Development labs and many new Digital Business Automation offerings were announced and demonstrated. The DBA portfolio has both a platform development strategy, for capabilities that can be...

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IBM Sterling B2B Integrator v5.2.6.x will be reaching End of Service by September 2021

Co-authored by Devendra Sahu This blog helps customers evaluate the major ch anges which are available with v6.0.X/v6.1.X releases, as IBM Sterling B2B Integrator v5.2.6.x will be reaching End of Service by September 2021. Here is the ready list of major changes: 1....

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Answer Finding API beta in Watson Discovery v2

This post is a brief overview of the answer finding API beta in Watson Discovery v2. The answer finding API extends the passage retrieval API and allows you to find concise answer spans within a passage. It uses deep-learning-based Reading Comprehension technology as announced in our recent...

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Cloud Pak for Data - Learning 2020!

I hope everyone is staying safe. As we look to wrap up 2020, I wanted to thank everyone for your support and wish you all the best in your journey to increase skills and to become more engaged in learning. The idea is simple. We have an enterprise insights platform that can run anywhere. We...

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What's New in QRadar 7.4.2

Core Platform Updates Operational Efficiency Easily adjust the number of MAC addresses that are allowed for a single asset! For users that log in from multiple wireless access points, or multiple users that log in remotely through a VPN, you can set the number of MAC addresses that are...

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Get the Mobile Network Advantage when you Integrate ZenKey with IBM Security Verify

As a cloud native identity-as-a-service (IDaaS) solution, IBM Security Verify can continuously iterate to keep up with authentication standards, protocols, and trends in the market. Verify provides users wide authentication options like biometrics, QR codes or even FIDO2 hard tokens, along with...

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IBM Community Japan のツクル活動のためのプラットフォーム「ナレッジモールアクティビティプラットフォーム (KMAP) 」とは何か?どんなことができるのか?についてわかりやすくご紹介します。ここをクリックするとIBM Japan のWebサイトに移動します。 #Featured-area-2 #Featured-area-2-home

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FAQ Extraction via Watson Assistant Search Skill

One of the common use cases for a Watson Assistant virtual agent (chatbot) is to provide responses to Frequently Asked Questions. Currently, FAQs can be implemented in a variety of ways including: Watson Assistant Intents for each common FAQ A web crawl or document upload through Watson...

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