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Creating Charts in Business Performance Center

If you’re just getting started with Business Automation Insights and the visualization application that comes with it, Business Performance Center, take a look at this new video . In less than 5 minutes you’ll see how to create a dashboard, add a chart, and then set up the chart to show...

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Automation Ninja Series Focuses on IBM RPA on May 5 (and you’ll get a killer Margarita recipe!)

There’s a new Process Ninja episode on May 5, focused on IBM’s Robotic Process Automation acquisition. “Become a Task Automation Ninja and Eliminate Your Repetitive Work Activities With IBM RPA” goes live at 11 AM ET. The host and chief Ninja is Bob Spory, IBM DBA’s North American Technical...

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Poor Multi-Lingual Support Still Limits the Spread of Chatbots

A few years back, experts predicted that chatbots would become a widespread all-purpose customer service tool in every industry. They have since become widespread. But all-purpose? Not so much. As it turned out, the AI and NLP technology that powered early chatbots weren't as mature as...

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Complexity Analysis Of A Business Process Automation

Business process automation can be described as the use of technology for the execution of recurring tasks or processes in a business where manual effort is replaceable. It is also described as digital transformation or business automation . Business process automation aims to increase...

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Why Create An Automation Center of Excellence? A Conversation with Ben Chance

As a producer of Events for IBM Automation, I pore over survey results and spend a lot of time asking attendees what they thought of each agenda. A few years ago, I got an answer that changed everything for me. “You do a good job telling us what the software does, but how about telling us how to...

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Community Rockstar: Kathy Fahy, New IBM Champion and User Group Advocate

Kathy Fahy is a Senior Account Executive with enChoice, one of IBM’s longstanding Business Partners. She was recently named an IBM Champion for her devoted advocacy of IBM user groups and technology associations, like ARMA (the Association for Records Management) and AIIM (the Association for...

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Getting started with Automation Decision Services: a new contribution from the field

Anyone can write about an experience with IBM product and contribute to knowledge sharing for the IBM users community. A proof of that is a recent overview article about Automation Decision Services, written by IBM Tech Seller : IBM ADS: Automated Decision from zero to a published REST...

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IBM ECM System Monitor Now Available with Dashboard Enhancements

IBM ECM System Monitor, released yesterday, provides new capabilities for the monitoring of your Content and Workflow platforms as well as enhancements of its dashboards. Multiple options are now available for how relevant incidents and alerts are presented to Business Automation...

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New Console Design with IBM ECM System Monitor

IBM ECM System Monitor, released today, provides multiple options on how your business critical incidents can be reported to Business Automation administrators. Incidents can be presented in a single summary view and as detailed information specific to critical events based on severity....

IBM ECM System Monitor Field Guide - Console Design Considerations V5.5.5.x.pdf

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Here Comes "Automation Reaction" on April 28 – The IBM Community Speaks!

It’s amazing what you learn from your kids. My teenagers showed me a new genre of YouTube video called a “Reaction Video.” For those who don’t know, a reaction video features a person or people watching a music video, video game, film trailer, reality show or some such digital content and then...