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Intelligent Automation And Its Various Benefits

The concept of Intelligent Automation (IA) can be explained as a highly sophisticated form of automation, wherein machines can mimic human actions. They possess cognitive capabilities, including Natural Language Processing abilities, speech recognition, Machine Learning, and computer vision...

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Extend your data capture app with RPA

See how to automate more than Robotic Process Automation (RPA) on its own by using cloud SaaS APIs for document capture and business rule decisions. Tags: #cloud , #hybrid-cloud , #AutomationPlatform , #business-automation , #RPA , #Robotic-Process-Automation

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Infuse Business Rules with Machine Learning

By combining Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence in IBM Watson Studio with business rule declarative decisions in IBM Operational Decision Manager (ODM), we can make business decisions with greater flexibility and accuracy. Tags: #cloud , #hybrid-cloud , #AutomationPlatform , ...

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Decision Composer Hands on Lab

Try IBM Decision Composer, a no-cost cloud-based decision automation tool to model, author, validate, share and run business rules in a no-code environment. Tags: #cloud , #hybrid-cloud , #AutomationPlatform , #business-automation ​, #ODM , #businessrules ​​​​

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Process Modeling in One Minute

Watch this video for a one-minute overview of how to model and optimize your business processes - visually, simply and collaboratively - with IBM Blueworks Live. Tags: #cloud , #hybrid-cloud , #AutomationPlatform , #business-automation ​, #BWL , #blueworkslive ​​

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Securely Share Content with External Users

Content management is a team sport, and some of your team may be trusted external users. In this demo, you'll provide external users access to content in a simplified Navigator interface with security, full access control and the same redaction of your sensitive or private data. Tags: #cloud ,...

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View and Collaborate on Video Files Using IBM Content Navigator

The IBM Content Navigator HTML5 video viewer feature allows users to view, bookmark, and collaborate on video files inside IBM Content Foundation, without the need for plugins or desktop applications. Tags: #cloud , #hybrid-cloud , #AutomationPlatform , #business-automation ​, #content , ...

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Product Tour of IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD)

In this demo, you see how IBM® Content Manager OnDemand delivers archived content. In this fictional scenario, a customer service representative who is named Carly receives a phone call from a customer about a dispute. She uses Content Manager OnDemand to verify that a correspondence letter was...

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Efficient Bulk PDF Archiving (CMOD)

Watch the power and efficiency of IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) in action. Normally to store over 3800 bank statements of approximately 3MB each you would need about 11.4 GB of storage. But CMOD uses just about 30 MB of storage, that's a tiny fraction - giving you massive advantage and...

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Efficient Bulk XML Archiving (CMOD)

In this video watch how IBM Content Manager OnDemand (CMOD) is able to achieve up to 20:1 storage efficiency while archiving XML documents. More than that you will see how with use of XSLT stylesheets CMOD is able to automatically identify index fields which help in fast retrieval of documents. ...