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Mainline Webinar Replay: AIX 35 Years of Continuing Innovation

Happy Anniversary AIX! Celebrating 35 years of innovation, AIX has gone through many changes keeping up with POWER technology support and implementing new function and usability for industry needs and customer requests. What’s next AIX? IBM Power10 systems and AIX 7.3 are anticipated...

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Four important innovations of AIX and IBM Power Systems

AIX on IBM RISC machines celebrates its 35th birthday this year! As myself and the AIX community celebrate 35 years of the OS, it was a pleasure taking the time to reflect on the four important innovations of AIX! Please take a moment to view my perspective in the short video below. I hope...

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AIX Professional Certification is available

Congratulations! In the 35th Anniversary Year of the AIX OS , IBM has renewed certification for this remarkable operating system! You can now (again) take the exam and be proud to be AIX Certified. At the time of writing (June 2021) there is only one exam available: IBM AIX v7...

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IBM Champions in Action: José Luis Ortega Diazgranados

Get to know IBM Champion, José Luis Ortega Diazgranados! José Luis Ortega Diazgranados is a general manager for Advantek and has been a proud IBM Champion for Power Systems since 2019. For over 15 years, José has been an expert in IBM Power Systems focusing on AIX , ...

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Your Power Systems guide for Think 2021

We understand that the world — and business — is in the midst of rapid and unpredictable change. Join us at Think 2021 , to have a chance to directly engage with world-class experts, industry leaders and peers. Learn about the future of hybrid cloud and AI and see how IBM Power Systems...

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