“You and i” Topics – What Do You Want to Hear?

By Steve Will posted Tue December 15, 2020 03:06 PM


“You and i” Topics – What Do You Want to Hear?


As I mentioned in my first blog post in the IBM i Community, I have quite a number of topics I think would be useful for me to discuss publicly, particularly since some of my most popular posts from prior incarnations of the blog are now consigned to the internet ether (meaning, I can’t find them, so even if they’re out there somewhere, I can’t just send a link to someone who needs to read my previously written thoughts.)

Additionally, many of those posts would benefit from an update.  Even if the same advice is valid on the question “how do I get new RPG developers?” there are new things to share in response to that question since I wrote about it back in April 2020.  Similarly, the posts I wrote about our IBM i roadmaps are dated.  They could be refreshed.

As a reminder, here is a list of topics I am considering writing about, enumerated in that first post in this new location. (I covered a few last time, so won’t include them now.)

  • IBM i Strategy – what’s new, and what’s the same
  • IBM i and “Cloud”
  • What does “modernization” mean to IBM i these days?
  • Best/latest/coolest IBM i Client Stories from the page
  • What’s the 2021 IBM i focus?

But I also said I would entertain other questions people ask me on Twitter, LinkedIn, in e-mail and at events. 

So, now it’s your turn.  What do you want to have me write about?  What topic would really help you explain something important to your boss or your teammates, and hearing it from the IBM i Chief Architect would be useful?  What question would you ask me if we were at a conference and you had a chance to sit and chat for a few minutes?  What part of a presentation you’ve seen me give would be a great topic for a separate blog post?

Feel free to answer this in whatever method will reach me.  What might those methods be?

  • Make a comment on this blog in the IBM i Community. This is probably my preferred method.  It shows me that people are finding the Community and getting connected to it.
  • Send me a Direct Message on Twitter (I’m @Steve_Will_IBMi)
  • Send me a message on LinkedIn (com/in/steve-will-chief-architect-ibm-i)
  • Post a Tweet that mentions me (again @Steve_Will_IBMi) and links to this post – which should have its URL at the bottom of this post, but let's see if I can get it to show up here, too:
  • Send me an e-mail if you have my e-mail address (but beware – by the time I get back from my year-end Christmas/New Year vacation, I estimate I will have approximately 1500 e-mails to read, so it might take me a while to find yours…)

See?  There are many ways to submit ideas.  And I’d really like some suggestions.  I always feel better, and more motivated, writing about topics I’m sure have some built-in readership.

That’s it for today.  I’m off to my vacation in under a day.  I hope you each get a chance to enjoy some time as 2020 comes to a close.  I know I will.

And then I’ll be back, refreshed and ready to kick 2021 off with some good strategy work, some great future-looking development, and writing about topics which interest the IBM i community.




17 days ago

Open source technologies on IBM i. I'd like to read usage examples. Thanks. Marco Riva

Wed December 16, 2020 03:59 AM

Hi Steve, I like your suggested topics IBM i and “Cloud” and also the 2021 IBM i focus (why not a two parts article, one for 2021 and one for a bit beyond that covering what one could possibly see coming on IBM i on the longer term). I would also suggest one blog on Open Source technologies, that's moving quite fast in this arena. That would be really great if Jesse's team could start publishing some short tutorial videos like Tim & Scott are doing.