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“You and i” New Home – IBM i Community

By Steve Will posted Tue November 17, 2020 03:47 PM


Welcome to a fresh blog post!  The first “You and i” blog post in its new location – the IBM i Community (  (I’d like to put the link to the blog right here, but until I post this, I don’t even know what it will be!  That’s how “fresh” this is!)



The IBM i Community is a new resource for those who use, work with, depend on, and love the IBM i operating system.  It’s a part of the IBM Power Community, and it has a number of capabilities that will be useful to the entire community (lower case “c”), including



The transition of this blog from its former home to the IBM i Community has taken a while to crystalize, so I have a number of topics which have queued up in my “I’d like to blog about this” pile.  I’m looking forward to getting to them.  I don’t really know what I’ll write about first, but here are some topics:



(As an aside, if each of you would just go check out the GitHub, Video Blog, and Tutor links above, I could delay writing about them.  Would you do that for me?  Thanks in advance!)


Because I’d like to start writing about the topics above, I’m making this post rather short.  Welcome to the new home of this blog. It started in 2009, and I hope to continue writing it for many years to come.  I hope you will continue to join me.