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IBM Community Japan English page

By IBM Community Japan 事務局 posted Mon January 08, 2024 07:12 PM


What is "IBM Community Japan"?

IBM Community Japan is a participatory platform founded on the belief that "We realize a prosperous society through technology that shapes the future". It is a space where members, as well as IBM, liberate their wisdom, experiences, and existing frameworks to collectively weave the future through "Learning", "Creating", and "Connecting".

The future is not just something that happens, it is something we create. 
This is our zone of liberation.

3 spaces that make up IBM Community Japan : "Learning", "Creating" and "Connecting".

 A 'Learning' space as the initial driving force of changing the future

"Learning" space is an easily accessible starting point for individuals.  And that could also be an initial driving force of changing the future. To achieve this, we are liberating IBM's traditionally confined programs and offering an array of member-exclusive programs. 
Events and Seminars
We conduct a variety of events and seminars beneficial to our members. Please check the link below for upcoming event details. You can also access archives of past seminars we've held. 
IBM product user community
This is a community of IBM product users who pool their experiences, knowledge, and expertise to enhance the effective utilization of these products.
  • IBM i Club
  • Mainframe Club

 A 'Creating' space where numerous peers and experts shape ideas with multifaceted perspectives

Even with great ideas, achieving them alone or within a single company is not always feasible. Some ideas require cross-industry communication and collaboration, things that can't materialize without it.
That's why we aim to foster a 'Creating' space where such ideas can thrive, nurtured by collaboration among numerous peers and experts. How about joining us to create outputs that embody 'Future x Technology' allowing us to propose impactful ideas to society while experiencing the potential firsthand?
Knowledge Mall : A space/activity where we pool wisdom, experience, and insights to collectively bring 'Creating' to life. 
The 'Creating' space within the IBM Community Japan isn't just a space; it's where people's energies converge. The Knowledge Mall serves as the mechanism for that purpose. The Knowledge Mall is akin to a gathering of diverse shops where individuals with a mutual desire to improve themselves alongside their peers bring together wisdom, experience, and insights, fostering a collaborative 'Creating' space. It's an umbrella term for activities aimed at realizing this collaborative space.
Knowledge Mall Research : Co-creative research activities in working groups transcending various boundaries
Knowledge Mall Research is a program where peers in cross-company, cross-industry, and cross-generational working groups (WG) autonomously engage in research activities.
  • Members of IBM Community Japan collaborate to acquire the latest information relevant to the theme, enhance skills, and foster mutual interaction among members.
  • We widely disseminate research findings/outputs to contribute to the realization of a prosperous society with technology that shapes the future.
  • The working groups are composed of approximately 6 to 10 members who transcend industry and job role frameworks.
  • IBM employees participate as advisors or members.
  • We'll assess progress through interim reports (scheduled for April and July).
  • The final deliverables, such as presentation materials, papers, or application tools, will be determined by each working group.
  • The final deliverables will be widely published, and various commendations/awards are planned for outstanding achievements.
  • IBM Cloud is provided free of charge(with certain limitations) as the foundation for research activities.
  • We provide Slack, Box, and Webex as information sharing tools within the working group.
<2023 Activities schedule outline>
Knowledge Mall Paper : Individual or group research paper activities
We are inviting papers from individuals who resonate with the community's vision of 'Creating a prosperous society with technology for the future' for the Knowledge Mall paper.
Through your everyday work experiences, we invite submissions in the form of case studies involving societal issues, business transformations resolved or driven by IT (exemplary papers), explorations into technological pursuits, and insights or recommendations derived from experiences in information systems (recommendation papers), either as individual or group-authored papers. We encourage you to submit your contributions.
The submitted papers will be made available publicly.
<The Benefits of Submitting Knowledge Mall Papers>
  • Featured on the IBM Community Japan website (accessible to IBM Community Japan members).
  • Presented and showcased at the IBM Community Japan event 'GO UNiTE'.
  • Feedback comments on evaluations
Winners will also enjoy additional benefits such as followings.
  • Invitation to 'GO UNiTE for Champions' (a 2-day, 1-night stay education program at Amagi Homestead).
  • Will be published in the journal of the Information Processing Society of Japan (selected as one of the winning papers in the Digital Practices Award category for both IBM Community Japan member division and IBM division).
  • Winners' interviews will be featured on the IBM Community Japan website and broadcasted at events.
  • Will be featured in IBM's technical magazine 'ProVision' special edition.
  • Present as a speaker at the 'Knowledge Mall Paper Presentation Event'.
  • Participate as an experiential speaker at the 'Fundamentals of Paper Writing Seminar' (one individual from the winners).
* The content and timing are subject to change.
<2023 Activities schedule outline>

 A 'Connecting' space aspiring to foster chemistry

By registering papers, presentation materials, applications, and tools in the IBM Knowledge Mall, members of IBM Community Japan can digitally 'Connect,' melding achievements and facilitating participant references. This pursuit aims to 'Connect' digitally or merge the actual outcomes, fostering a 'Connecting' space in person during the results presentation. It's a space geared towards aspiring for new chemical reactions born from interactions among members, including global peers, with diverse affiliations and practices.
Results Presentation Event : GO UNiTE 2022
"GO UNiTE 2022" is an event within IBM Community Japan that presents the tangible outcomes of 'Creating' activities involving 'Learning,' 'Creating,' and 'Connecting.' Throughout the event period, participants can log in as avatars, navigate within the venue, view and access outcomes, and engage in verbal conversations with other attendees in designated chat areas. Additionally, various online events including guest presentations and awards ceremonies were held during the event period.
<Event Period>
2022 Nov8 - 2023 Jan31

Metaverse event space image
Results Presentation Event : GO UNiTE 2021
"GO UNiTE 2021" is an event showcasing the 2021 achievements of Knowledge Mall research and Knowledge Mall papers, key activities within IBM Community Japan. The event includes viewing and listening to research outcomes in a virtual event space and hosting online events such as guest lectures and award ceremonies.
<Event Period>
2021 Oct12 - Nov5
2021 Nov6 - Dec17 (encore)

Metaverse event space image


For inquiries related to IBM Community Japan, please contact us at ICJOFC@jp.ibm.com .