Make the most of your z/OS and IBM Integration Investment with z/OS Connect Webinar

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Wed March 01, 2023 12:15 PM

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If you’re part of an organization that has invested in the mainframe, you might be familiar with the challenges of responding to business requirements that demand integration with the core assets hosted there. Developers need access to more and varied business data, but this is often locked down on the z/OS platform, given the platform’s high security and reliability characteristics.

Reconciling these requirements often lands with integration teams. In this webinar we’ll talk about a new way of empowering developers to securely access z/OS data without major changes to the mainframe, thus saving developer, integrator, and z/OS system programmers’ time.

Learn how z/OS Connect complements existing IBM Integration tools such as API Connect and IBM Integration Bus/App Connect Enterprise.

Key Speakers

Matthew Lucas - Senior Product Manager, CICS Portfolio

Andy Garratt - Technical Product Manager, IBM Cloud Pak for Integration

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