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Mon April 24, 2023 04:59 PM

Hopefully, you have seen the news about IBM API Connect finally being available on AWS, provided as a SaaS offering. If you have not heard, then make sure to check out the announcement here

Along with the announcement, there was another exciting announcement as IBM API Connect on AWS now comes with a 30-day trial where you to experience the full product completely for free. 

In the trial, you are able to experience the product at full capacity with the following:

  • Trial benefits: Get up to 100,000 API calls for 30 days at no cost to evaluate the full product features.
  • Full lifecycle API Management: Drive new engagement models and channels by accelerating your API-led digital transformation.
  • Intuitive: A simple experience to help you create, manage, secure, and socialize all your APIs.
  • Highly Secure: Securely expose your data and business applications. 

We also have a resources page where you can find everything from how to get started to advanced capabilities and more. Make sure to check it out by visiting the "Welcome to your IBM API Connect Trial" page.

Do not forget to get your free trial by visiting the IBM API Connect on AWS free trial page.

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