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IBM App Connect Enterprise 12.0.1

We're excited to share news about the next version of IBM App Connect Enterprise, due for general availability at the end of the month. To read highlights about the new features and capabilities included in this release, download the PDF attached or click on the on-line link to open...

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What's New - API Connect toolkit with GitHub Actions - re-usable step

As I wrote in my previous post combining API Connect and GitHub actions , you can easily build a continuous deployment set up for your APIs with GitHub actions to automate the API publishing when you push a new commit to your git repo. I’ve now extended this into a re-usable action that...

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IBM App Connect: [“What’s New?”] Introducing Preview Mode for Mapping intelligent suggestions from AI enabled Mapping Assist.

Contributors: Thanmayi Mruthyunjaya, Nagarjuna Surabathina, Matu Agarwal Mapping Assist introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in IBM App Connect to accelerate the speed of integration development, shorten time to value, and improve the overall user experience by providing...

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IBM AppConnect [What’s New]: Customised map suggestions from AI-powered Mapping Assist based on user flow history

Contributors: Saptarshi Misra , Dhiraj Kumar Mishra Mapping Assist introduces Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities in IBM App Connect to accelerate the speed of development, shorten time to value and improve overall user experience by providing intelligent data map...

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A Kafka Developer's Guide to AsyncAPI

How Kafka developers can use the AsyncAPI specification to describe how their applications are using Kafka topics. In my post " Why should you document your Kafka topics? " last week, I wrote about the benefits of documenting your Kafka event sources, and mentioned a few of the problems that...

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Why should you document your Kafka topics?

Do you have a strategy for documenting the Apache Kafka topics used in your organisation? I think you should. But before I give you a few reasons why, let me tell you a short story. It's a normal day at work when your boss comes to talk to you. They have a new project for you. An...

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IBM MQ, IBM MQ for z/OS and IBM MQ Appliance firmware 9.2.2 Continuous Delivery releases are available

Where can I get IBM MQ 9.2.2 from? What’s new in the MQ 9.2.2 CD release? Can I get a copy of IBM MQ for development purposes? Downloadable resources MQ system requirements and documentation What function has released in previous continuous delivery updates? Remind me how...

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New MQ on Cloud Queue Managers now have TLS Enabled on Predefined Channels

Ensuring security in any cloud based software service is always of maximum importance . MQ on Cloud is continually working on maintaining a reliable and secure environment, and as part of our continual rollout of queue manager upgrades we are always looking for ways of improving...

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Cloud native high availability with IBM MQ

Obviously, it's all about the messages with IBM MQ, if you can't access them when you need them you have a problem. So these are very exciting times for MQ, for the first time we're building data resiliency and high availability right into the very heart of the MQ runtime, the queue manager....

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Integration server logs now emit metrics data

In a recent update to IBM App Connect Enterprise on Cloud, metrics for memory and CPU usage now appear in the integration server logs. These log entries can help customers decide if the plan they are on is suitable, or if they need to increase or decrease the resources available to...

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