Multiform API Management - Consistently manage & socialize all your types of APIs webinar

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When:  Dec 7, 2021 from 10:00 AM to 10:30 AM (ET)

From REST OAI, to SOAP, GraphQL and now Kafka — IBM continues to bring innovation to the way your organization can create, manage, secure and socialize a broad set of technology endpoints.

Join us as we cover key multiform management use cases, including GraphQL as well as AsycnAPIs for Kafka topics, and learn more about the latest enhancements IBM is making to the way various types of your endpoints can be consistently managed and socialized.

Bring any of your questions to this interactive session and learn more about why IBM continues to be recognized as a market leader in this space.

Christopher Khoury
Christopher Khoury
Product Manager - API Connect, DataPower Gateway

Mr. Christopher Khoury is the Offering Manager for IBM DataPower and API Gateways with over thirteen years as a DataPower Gateway and API specialist. In this capacity, Mr. Khoury heads the future of DataPower and has also worked with many of IBM’s largest DataPower accounts in a variety of industries such as Financial, Energy, Government and many more with a variety of Integration and Gateway patterns including Security, SOA Integration, API Management, Messaging hubs along with a variety of others. His experience also includes enabling technical resources around the world in their knowledge of DataPower, API Connect, and other IBM Hybrid Cloud Integration solutions. Mr. Khoury also has worked extensively with integration of DataPower and API Connect with other technologies including Messaging, Security and Enterprise Service Buses.

Nic Townsend
Nic Townsend
Software Engineer - IBM Event Streams/Events Operator/Event Endpoint Management