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  • 1.  V10.0.5.2-ifix1 missing upgrade-operator in image-tool

    Posted 14 days ago

    We're facing the following during our upgrade to v10 in a kubernetes environment

    When running the image-tool we don't see the upgrade operator 

    docker run --rm apiconnect-image-tool- version  --images

    If we check in the fix-central it seems like the V10.0.5.2-ifix1 for Linux are missing or deleted. I'm certain we've downloaded it before.

    Does somebody know if this is a known issue and why the fixes were deleted from the fix central?

    Twan Beeren

  • 2.  RE: V10.0.5.2-ifix1 missing upgrade-operator in image-tool

    Posted 10 days ago

    Hi Twan, 

    it seems like there was an OVA specific upgrade issue  found with ifix1 and it was hidden on fixcentral. if you are already on then you should be fine. if upgrading, then you should also be fine as there were no functional changes to ifix1. comes out in a month or two so any and all issues should be resolved by then. 

    Let me know if you would need more guidance and I could try and put you in contact with one of our technical folks. 

    Gabriel Marte Blanco
    Austin TX