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  • 1.  Payload Capture in API Connect v5

    Posted Fri August 19, 2022 12:36 PM
    we would like to capture payload of all apis  in Lower environment . can we do any configuration on "webapi" / " webapi-internal" ,is there way to publish messages to Queue/topic or send it to http url even if apis are having activity-log  as payload logs when error occurs or can offload payload from analytics. kindly suggest. please find my  topology below .i think that we can capture packets only on load balance level. Kindly suggest possible options.

     client -> F5 load balancer-> multiple gateway servers.

    santhoshkumar surisetty

  • 2.  RE: Payload Capture in API Connect v5

    IBM Champion
    Posted Tue August 23, 2022 12:53 PM
    Edited by Romil Garg Tue August 23, 2022 12:53 PM
    @santhoshkumar surisetty - I second Amit on going with the DPOD approach. Another option is to use post-error, pre-request, post-response extension. Within the extension, you can capture your payload, headers, etc. (like error responses), and then perform an http post. It can be a simple gatewayscript. Extension is global to your org, so it can be applied across all your APIs in your lower environment. But again, this is an intrusive option (added latency) and should only be considered for your lower/dev environment.

    Romil Garg

  • 3.  RE: Payload Capture in API Connect v5
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    Posted Tue August 23, 2022 02:47 PM
    Are you familiar with IBM DPOD (DataPower Operations Dashboard)? It can capture payloads of API Connect of any version. One option is to offload the Analytics data (if it includes payloads) to DPOD. Another option for v5 is to let DPOD leverage the Web Service Management feature of DataPower to capture payload regardless of the configuration of Analytics.
    And you get all the other benefits of DPOD for API Connect, such as dashboards, transaction views, reports, alerts, management of your gateways, permissions and roles, etc.

    Amit Munwes