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  • 1.  API RateLimit Enforcement Metrics

    Posted Mon April 15, 2024 05:12 AM

    Dear Team, 

    For Datapower APIGateway service, API ratelimit enforcement metrics are not appearing. 

    API has been enabled with API Security Client-ID and is subscribe to a plan(40calls per Minute). While calling an API, it is rejecting with 429 after ratelimit is exceeding which is behaving as expected. But how this data is visible in datapower, when checked for API ratelimit enforcement metrics it doesn't show any details. 

    APIC Verison:
    Gateway version: 

    How to fetch details for API Ratelimit enforcement metrics in datapower using xm/rest managements apis in datapower?

    sesikanth singamsetti

  • 2.  RE: API RateLimit Enforcement Metrics

    Posted Tue April 16, 2024 03:55 AM

    If the gateway is linked to API Connect then the details wont be in datapower, they will be in APIC (in analytics).

    When running in API Connect, the gateway is managed by API Manager and you shouldn't be making changes to the gateway directly as they will be lost.

    Chris Dudley

  • 3.  RE: API RateLimit Enforcement Metrics

    Posted Tue April 16, 2024 05:34 AM
    Edited by sesikanth singamsetti Tue April 16, 2024 08:50 AM

    Hi Chris, 

    Analytics is not integrated with APIConnect and not associated with Gateway services. 

    Once the API is published, all the information(ex: Plan details) should be available in Datapower. API Rate limit validation happens in datapower. status for remaining requests should be available in datapower as below. In older version, "API Ratelimit enforcement metrics" object returns the details, but its not retrieving in either or 

    API Rate Limit Enforcement Metrics

    Subscriber  API name  Configuration name   Level    Rate limit name    Rate    Interval    Hard limit    Interval start    Remaining requests

    sesikanth singamsetti