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VM V10 Install - Issue

  • 1.  VM V10 Install - Issue

    Posted 10 days ago
    After install, I see below error for sudo apic status 

      Subsystem detail: Error from server (ManagementCluster.management.apiconnect.ibm.com "mgmt" is invalid: spec.datab                                           aseBackup.credentials: Not found: "mgmt-backup-secret"): error when creating "/var/lib/apiconnect/subsystem/manifest                                           s/28.mgmt-cr.yaml": admission webhook "vmanagementcluster.kb.io" denied the request: ManagementCluster.management.ap                                           iconnect.ibm.com "mgmt" is invalid: spec.databaseBackup.credentials: Not found: "mgmt-backup-secret"

    But I haven't created secrets for backup during install. Is this mandatory ? Any inputs ? 

    Raj A

  • 2.  RE: VM V10 Install - Issue

    Posted 8 days ago
    Do you have management backups configured? This looks like credentials were set, the doc uses "mgmt-backup-secret" as the default name for the credentials Configuring SFTP backup settings for fresh install of the Management subsystem (v10.0.1.1 or later) - IBM Documentation A VMWare install would not use that setting, Reconfiguring backup settings for the management subsystem (v10.0.1.1-eus or greater) - IBM Documentation I would check your YAML file for the mgmt system to verify the backup configuration.

    Jamie Witt

  • 3.  RE: VM V10 Install - Issue

    Posted 7 days ago
    Hello Raj,

      Yes even i got the same error when i have configured the API Connect V10 on a VMware. As a temporary solution i have done the below 

    1.  if you have installed API Connect on a VMWare then revert back to the previous version of VM backup if you are taking VM backup on a daily basis.
    2. Then run the apic command again from the same project folder to configure the backup of the subsystem.
    3.  Finally the updated project yaml file need to be install to the corresponding VM's.

    I dont recommend this set up but it is just a temporary solution to overcome the issue.

    If you were not taking the backup of VM's then you need to reconfigure everything from scratch.

    Even i have tired to get it resolved without following the above but couldn't able to succeed.

    Hope I have addressed your question.



  • 4.  RE: VM V10 Install - Issue

    Posted 7 days ago
    Would you mind sharing the exact APIC version you have used to install VMware based setup. Are you using vSphere or VMWare workstation for testing OVA based setup. I have not faced any issue, i can do another install and share the results with you.

    Chander Ponnusamy
    Founder & CEO