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IBM Developer portal - Content moderation

  • 1.  IBM Developer portal - Content moderation

    Posted 23 hours ago
    Hi everyone,

    i have a question regarding content moderation. i have enabled it with a workflow for the application creation on developer portal. however the content moderation section is still empty but in the content section the unpublished contents are available. does anyone have an idea about it ?

    Best Regards,
    joe alAbiad

  • 2.  RE: IBM Developer portal - Content moderation

    Posted 6 hours ago


    That functionality is designed for approving forum posts, blog posts, comments etc...
    It is not going to be a mechanism to add an approval flow to consumers creating applications - it simply won't work for that.
    There is already an approval mechanism built into APIC for subscriptions, why do you need one for applications as well ?

    If you do need approvals on application creation then you will need to raise a Request for Enhancement (RFE).



    Chris Dudley