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The Path Forward: Additional upgrade capability continues for API Connect

By Winston Lee posted Tue December 15, 2020 07:50 PM


Upgrades! We love using the new, exciting capabilities that come along with them, but we dread the planning and process that are required along the way. They’re required because no two deployments of enterprise software solutions are the same. There is a broad range of reasons why an upgrade is needed and the pace at which organizations adopt new technology also varies. Our team understands this and is here to share the work we have completed and have in plan to make the upgrade journey to IBM API Connect V10 as painless as possible.


The world of IT is accelerating and organizations are following along, upgrading their underlying infrastructure to meet the demands of their business and clients. This change materializes in different ways including shifts to cloud native environments and adoption of microservices-based architecture. Our latest version of IBM API Connect aligns with these trends at the forefront of the market, delivering a hybrid, multi-cloud, scalable API Management solution that leverages the power of containers and Kubernetes for container orchestration. While virtual appliances remain a form factor you may chose, more and more clients are electing to deploy on OpenShift or their organization’s choice of a Kubernetes platform.

Upgrading to API Connect Version 10 comes with a load of new capabilities. This includes the ability to secure and manage GraphQL APIs; native support for Red Hat OpenShift operators; a powerful search capability within all product catalogs; the ability to monetize your APIs; OpenAPI 3.0 support and much more.

Despite the very unique nature of 2020 as a year, our team continues to incrementally deliver upgrade capabilities to make your journey to IBM API Connect Version 10 as seamless as possible. In addition to the initial focus to get clients directly to Version 10 from Version 5, we have introduced our first upgrade approach for existing Version 2018 deployments in December. This first approach is an in-place upgrade from Version 2018 to Version 10 for those who have chosen to deploy API Connect on their own choice of Kubernetes platform. The conversation will continue with more first class approaches in 2021 for deployments on OpenShift and virtual appliances (OVAs).


Please view our Knowledge Center for more details surrounding how to perform the in-place upgrade from Version 2018 to Version 10 for Kubernetes Deployments.


As mentioned earlier, the conversation and guidance will continue to flow starting as early as January to support our clients performing upgrades. This will include articles featuring a deep technical dive on the upgrade process and another covering planning and approaches to the upgrade process.