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What's New in 2018.4.1.8: Analytics Ingestion-Only mode!

By Winston Lee posted Fri November 15, 2019 07:57 PM


This past quarter, our team has been invested in many new, exciting capabilities as part of our releases. One of these items has to do with the deployment flexibility of the IBM API Connect analytics subsystem.

We realize that enterprises often have pre-existing configurations of many useful analytics tools that allow them to have an overview of their organizations’ API usage and health. So in this scenario, the question often comes up: “Why do we need to install all of the UI related microservices for the analytics subsystem?”

This is a valid question. You should not have to download the UI related microservices if you are utilizing a 3rd party tool for analytics ingestion and/or visualization. As part of Version 2018.4.1.8, you can now opt out of having to install these Analytics microservices. What does this mean for your enterprise? Even lower minimum configuration requirements for your team to deploy API Connect!

We wanted to make this as simple as possible. This can be accomplished in two easy steps prior to API Connect installation:

Step 1: Create an extra-values file and enter relevant information about your Analytics offload tooling. These pieces of info will include your host and an index to point at.

Step 2: When running your installation commands, enter the following commands:

apicup subsys set analyt ingestion-only=true

apicup subsys set analyt extra-values-file=INSERT_NAME_OF_EXTRA_VALUES_FILE.yaml

Once you install your analytics subsystem, these settings will be reflected.

[video width="1280" height="720" mp4="http://developer.ibm.com/apiconnect/wp-content/uploads/sites/23/2019/11/analytics-ingestion-1.mp4"][/video]

You can view additional documentation here:

This capability applies to API Connect Version 2018.4.1.8 and later.